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  1. "No, I'm not dropping the striker who's been scoring in every game just so you can play, and I'm not adjusting the tactics either to accommodate you with him either because this one has the right balance so far"
  2. rafney87

    *UNOFFICIAL* Basic Guide to the Editor

    sorry for sounding dumb, but how do you swap teams in an existing league? i have created a custom team and want to put them in the malaysian premier league, but the swap button isn't there
  3. rafney87

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    what worries me more is that the fact he dislikes 11 of your players and it's still at 'small concerns'
  4. rafney87


    sorry if this has been asked before, but why doesn't the titlebar colour change even after i edited them? the kits work fine though, so it's only the titlebar
  5. rafney87

    New Kits

    try sortitoutsi or fmglive
  6. 44 years-old van der sar at man utd
  7. rafney87

    Always Draw Arsenal??

    i always seem to get bayern in the CL. luckily i only lost once in, uh, 10-12 meetings
  8. 217. Liverpool will go bust in the near future
  9. rafney87

    End of season blues ???

    definitely fills the gap, i can now get more playing time
  10. 195. you will find regens with celebrity names or just plain weird
  11. i paid 100,000,000 for Iniesta on my man utd save
  12. rafney87

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    made me LOL, haha!
  13. rafney87

    An Aston Villa Story.

    wow, you're doing absolutely great! KUTGW!
  14. rafney87

    Does this game have an end?

    this game can outlive you, you know