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  1. There are many benefits of packing the midfield in FM17. For instance GK without specific distribution instructions will choose the long kick 95 percent of the time in FM17 and then all those extra midfielders translate in lot of extra possessions.
  2. I have played less than one full season in this years FM so some or all observations written blow might be non-significant due to small sample size. Something seems wrong with in game morale. I understand that team being six goals up is losing focus, but shouldn't other team's morale be down? It's far too easy to crowd midfield and dominate possession against much stronger opposition. Passing ball trough traffic in packed central areas is also far too easy even for technically deficient players. Another issue is, in my opinion, poor implementation of pressing. Prolonged passing sequences completely destroy defensive shape. This is killing AI as it can't work around this issue. Besides, players (especially central defenders) too frequently abandon key areas in front of goal to close down player in possession in wide area that poses no direct threat. It's not unusual to see one or both central defenders abandoning position to close down wing in possession even when their team is outnumbered on counter-attack and opposition forwards are rushing into the box. It's easy to identify good prospects by checking which youngsters are being targeted by top AI teams. On top of that AI is passive outside of transfer windows so it's easy to sign great players and talented youngsters without any competition from AI teams.
  3. @Svenc My bad, I actually forgot that interceptions stat in FM is weird. But it's perfectly appropriate, as I am well known conspiracy theoretician, bad guesser and author of abstract and woolly critiques after all
  4. Either my English is terrible or I am unable to express my self clearly in writing as I haven't yet succeeded to convey a message on this forum. Maybe I'm the one speaking Klingon language .
  5. Somewhat detached! It would be simpler if it was written in Klingon language and alphabet, then at least it would be obvious that I don't know what it means. And how do you learn FM vocabulary? By testing? It would take years to isolate particular effect from complex interactions and pure randomness. And that is ignoring the first obstacle: did I set it wrong or are they ignoring my instructions? Same goes for in game statistics, they are much less useful when you don't know exactly what they represent. They are just obfuscating things even further. Great example of misleading stats in FM are clear cut chance and half chance. Then we come to inevitable and understandable limitations like inability to coach players what to do in particular, often repeated situations, that makes many elements and thus whole tactics and even philosophies used in real life football unrepplicable in FM. This is made worse by long standing ME issues like really high number of interceptions. Finally many FM players, at least in my experience, have absolutely unrealistic expectations of success. And neither game nor this forum is helping them understand this or feel that what they have achieved would actually be considered very good in real life. It's not your tactics, you are not underachieving and ME is not rigged; prior to current season Mourinho was ahead of all Premier league managers with win percentage of 66% in two stints at Chelsea (2004-2007 and 2013-2015). Yes, that's the Special One helped by Abramovic's billions. This inevitably leads to frustration, anxiety and loss of confidence.
  6. Some random rants: 1. Number of successful interceptions in game looks way too high; league leader, in my save, M. Mitrovic (on AI team) has 13.6 interceptions per game (150 in 11 appearances) and 10th most successful player still makes more than 10 inter. per game. Compared to numbers on WhoScored?com this looks way off, as current best in Europe is just 4.8 (https://www.whoscored.com/Statistics). If this isn't just difference in stat definition ("definitions" for WhoScored https://www.whoscored.com/Glossary) this is seriously distorting the way games play out, successful strategies, player ratings and so on. I can't find definitions for stats in FM17 which leads me to second point. 2. Stats are much less useful when you don't know exactly what they represent. Clear example of misleading stats in FM are clear cut chance and half chance, if you look into ANALYSIS/TEAMS/SCORING CHANCES and review highlights you should easily spot some obvious non chances as player is heading the ball 15+ meters (16yd) from goal, shoots from poor angels, shoots under heavy pressure... Similar you can easily spot better opportunities that were not marked as scoring chances under ANALYSIS/TEAMS/SHOTS. I don't know whether this is result of poor stat keeping or bug in calculation of chances of shot conversion in some instances. Finally stats don't account for good scoring opportunities which didn't end with shot on goal such as missed tap ins. 3. There should be a sticky post at the top of this subforum as well as on Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion with win ratios of top football managers. You are not underachieving and ME is not rigged; prior to current season Mourinho was ahead of all Premier league managers with win percentage of 66% in two stints at Chelsea (2004-2007 and 2013-2015). Yes, that's the Special One helped by Abramovic's billions. 4. Recently I read this comment "I've watched all your videos and it's amazing how tactical changes roll off your tongue after only a few minutes of watching the game." ( Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion/Bust the Net - Football Manager Tactics/ comment 322261: https://community.sigames.com/topic/342947-bust-the-net-football-manager-tactics/?do=findComment&comment=322261 - link seems to point to wrong place). No one should make corrections after few minutes, game should be far too random to allow this. There is even an expression "Small Sample Size Theatre " often used in basketball stat community for management overreaction to on court indicators after small number of subsequent games let alone just few minutes!
  7. Ghost attacker: AI defence logic: SI needs to fix clear cut chance accounting or remove it from game: And additional game doesn't account for chances where attacking player didn't manage to shoot, so CCC count is meaningless in my opinion. Sliding tackles from behind are still too frequent and regularly performed successfully (even by offensive players) so bad defensive positioning in often not punished, although this is probably a good thing as defensive positioning is bad.
  8. I am plying FM for years relaying on Academy only. It makes game harder but should we really give up scouting and buying players to make AI semi competitive? Starting with week team in combination to permanent attribute masking is the best way to make game harder in my opinion. Is there FM15 skin that hides player attributes permanently? It would be grate if SI added this feature in future releases.
  9. I am trying to say that stats in FM should have precise and publicly available definitions otherwise they are useless. It would be nice if definition popped up when you hover with mouse over particular stat. Thank you! I have asked this numerous times before and never got an answer. Do you know what is the definition of tackle in FM?
  10. Maybe there is life in outer space? Is there any value in stat that is not precisely defined? Just like they fixed it in previous versions? This has been an issue for a very long time. Considering repecusions it has on number of possesion cycles it is a rather critical issue.
  11. SI should definitely add tip when starting the save to notify users that db size will impact transfer activity! Otherwise I fully agree that improved AI squad building in necessary. AI doesn't notice great performing players (mostly specialists) that have low CA. Another thing that I noted is AI looks at wages and transfer fee separately instead of cumulatively when it's deciding whether to bid on player. I believe that this is the reason that very good but overpaid players can't be transferred even for free.
  12. To clarify I have no knowledge on how ME works and I have obviously misunderstood what you where trying to say. I thought that you have suggested that ME counts scoring opportunity as CCC if cumulative probability of conversion (before taking in account players ability) is above certain threshold (for instance 28%). My apologies.
  13. Your posts have been very helpful. You are right about db differences being less noticeable when selecting large number off active leagues. If I remember correctly it was something like 116,000 (small db) vs 123,000 (large db).
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