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  1. Very slowly reading through this as I play, and just wanted to say it's a good read and a bold challenge. I know I could never do it, I've spent about 5 IRL years on my current FM11 save with no end in sight. I'll never understand how people play through seasons so quickly.
  2. If he's planned an exit speech (before the game against Iceland ffs) and does it as rapidly as possible to avoid any talk and questions from the press, he's obviously a weak-minded manager who's not going to inspire confidence in his players.
  3. This one is justified though. I blame the players just as much tbf, but Roy's prepared statement and dodging questions about the match shows just how wrong for the job he was.
  4. Probably, but that's hardly any better.
  5. I actually thought about that, then remembered just how ****ing dreadful we were.
  6. That prepared statement though. As if you don't see how bad that is to write a prepared resignation statement before a game, let alone against tournament underdogs Iceland. Absolute joke of a man, and glad he's gone.
  7. It would be comedy simply because so many asked for it.
  8. Two seconds in and this is already an embarrassing exit statement.
  9. For me Vardy's the only one in that game who can come out with any kind of credibility. he was chasing everything, when everyone elses head had already gone.
  10. More because they couldn't string two passes together, show any real desire or movement to get on the ball, half-hearted long balls and cross, and some brainless defending that led to the 2 goals.
  11. This Hodgson's made a lot of bad calls this tournament - most importantly the squad he took, but the players have to take the brunt of the stick for this one.
  12. Ahahaha. Take off your shirts lads - never put them on again.
  13. Also Walker, Alli, Wilshere...
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