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  1. It says on their website it will be sent out on 24/10 at 6pm gmt "INCLUDES: A code for access to the game's beta event, this will be sent out before 6PM GMT on 24/10/2014"
  2. On a network game I was Barca beat my friend who was Mardid 9-0
  3. Hey was just watching a FM video Champions league final Arsenal vs Alloa which ended a 6-7 win for Alloa (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmwWrwu_IMU&feature=BFa&list=ULHRH8AhPHk7U) was wondering what is your best matches.
  4. Still need a partner
  5. No stat changes for any of my players (liam ferguson)
  6. Partner(forum member): Anyone First Name: Liam Last Name: Ferguson Height: 184 Weight: 82 Footedness: Right Preferred Moves(select 3): Shoots with power, gets crowd going, runs with ball often D.o.B: 01/07/92 C.o.B: Hartlepool Nationality: English A Better Name for the Sign-Up: Keep the same Random teams
  7. Also Physical
  8. Liam ferguson Stjepan Rajcic Elin Ognyanov Peter Terziyski
  9. Croatian First Division and Bulgarian A Group
  10. Not true Newcastle is Sports direct @ St James park
  11. Agent Name: Liam Ferguson Description: Is a young Agent who is searching for great talent.
  12. I had one like that when he got to about 22 he wasn't very good due to the lack of coaching, sold him to wycome for like 10k
  13. oh cmon why man utd i want to play for sunderland when im 55 :@
  14. My guy is a beast
  15. 20 assists at rb? holy **** most motm at 13 go my guy