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  1. You have to make sure that there are NO TEAMS IN THE PARENT COMPETITION Put all the teams that you want in each SUB-DIVISION.
  2. Got it, for anyone wondering the same as me (see above) You have to create an empty competition (ie WL2 for WL2A and WL2B) Then add this, choosing "competition and sub-divisions" Add the desired sub-divisions
  3. How can I make parallel divisions? My intended League Structure is: World Super League World League 2A World League 2B World League 3A World League 3B World League 4A World League 4B Any help? Thanks a lot
  4. when offsides occur, switching to the linesmans view, who should be in line with the last defender, and then stop as soon as the ball is played and show whether he is offside to help managers decide to criticise referees
  5. Messages in your inbox from the board on your birthday specific crowd cheers for certain teams and boos for players that the club dislikes bring back the ability for longer tactical arrows
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