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  1. Hello guys, I'm currently in the 2018/19 season with my Spurs side and my #1 keeper just got injured and is out for 6 weeks, my #2 keeper is also injured & out for 3 weeks. I have 3 goalkeepers in the reserves out on loan (I cannot recall them). My only fit keeper is a 17 year old in the Youth Team. When I was looking in the Premier League Rules it said I could loan an emergency keeper. I was wondering how I go about doing this if it is actually possible? I dont fancy going 3/4 weeks with my Youth Team keeper
  2. I have a mix to be honest. Wide Men: Dos Santos Danny Rose Lennon David Silva Luka Modric AMC's Modric Verrati gourcuff Shelvey Bostock Mertes [young regen] Ryan Mason
  3. So then, Hello guys! I'm into pre-season of my 3rd season managing Spurs. I've come to realise that to get the best out of my creative players now and in the future that i'll have to develop a 4-2-3-1 formattion. My team is as follows: My Reserve team contains: Carlo Cudicini Oscar Jansson Adam Smith Kyle Walker Naughton [been out on loan for last 2 seasons, going to promote him to first team squad this season though!] Dervite A Greek Central Defender whos 18 and with impressive stats [looking to loan him out] Dean Parret Corry Evans Gustavo Aguero [Argentian regen with impressive stats, trying to loan him out at the moment though, he plays CM] Bostock Veratti [Loaning him out] Shelvey Golasa [trying to sell] Dos Santos Taarabt Danny Rose [Loaning him out] Obika [Loaning him out] Ryan Mason [Loaning him out] Rui Mertes [regen Attacking Mid/Striker, loaning him out] --- Out of these players [including reserve team if poss] who should i install into my 4-2-3-1? Also, what roles should my players have in there positions. If you need any screenshots of players or anything just ask, im happy to do them --- The only change to the screenshot will be king gone [stats decreasing] and probably going to spend big on a top class CB Thanks for the Tactic Help to whoever gives it to me
  4. Your First Trophy

    Carling Cup with Everton 2nd season! off topic: reply to my pm jack
  5. When i go to start a new game, I cannot select any Editor Data files. I click new game and the tab for Editor Data is greyed out. How do i fix this?
  6. discussfm

    sit he never told me @: and i never saw that when i was in there :L sorry ladies
  7. So what's been going on? Hello there Football Manager community! I am proud to announce the long awaited re-opening of The-Gaffer/DiscussFM. After some bad times for both of these sites, we have decided to merge into one FM site! Now, you may be wondering, after this change, who will remain on the staff team? Well, there have been a few changes, including some departures, but we have also brought in a number of quality staff members. The Team The Admins Footzilla, JJ.44, Tevez, Delta The Staff and their roles Daniel, Meth, James M, Kmac, Addickted4Life, FMTM, RobA, Sam - FM Areas Bave - Off Topic Ben92, Ede - Graphics Rooland - Databases We have hired each staff member based on their commitment, work ethic, and effort for this site. We believe the staff team will bring a friendly atmosphere and they will perform their jobs at an exceptional level. What does this site offer? The site aims to provide a large number of resources and as much content as possible for you to enjoy. After closing we decided to re-think our site and we felt that the scene needed a content, so we are looking to bring to you tactis, shortlists, databases, graphics and much more. We also aim to provide good discussion and hope to set up a great community and a friendly atmosphere within our site. As part of this FM community, we hope to also keep a great off topic section for you to enjoy! What type of content will I be able to find here? Here at DFM we have been working to produce as much content as possible in as many areas as possible. In the tactics area, a large number of tactics have been produced to suit different styles of play. If you prefer a simple 4-4-2 formation then check out Meth's 4-4-2 Hoops Attacking Tactic. Our very own admin, JJ.44, has been busy too and has produced two tactics that will bring success to your FM or FML side, they are DFM Direct Football 09 and DFM Counter Attacking 09, both differing i style yet both will bring you one thing, success. Another admin and expert tactician Tevez has released Flow '09. If none of these tickle your fancy then be sure to check out and request a tactic using K-Mac's tactical request project thread. Although this project is very different to tactical projects as before. This is where we are producing tactics for individual teams based on their style of play in real life and what suits them in FM, the first one is still WIP, but you can find that here. The staff team has been busy with writing team and player guides as well. First off are Daniel's Cardiff City Team Guide and A4L's Charlton Athletic Team Guide both written exclusively for DFM. There has been plenty of player reviews released to including Alexis, Alfaro, Busquets and Dani Aquino by Daniel aswell as reviews on Congré and Miranda from Meth. This is a side of our site that we are looking to expand upon in the coming weeks. In the database section our newest staff member Rooland has been working very hard and has produced a set of databases, first is his fantastic Great Britain Database also he has re-created the 1962 Brazil team for you to play with in his The Retro "Seleção" Database, his final database was another great classic team, this time the 1954 Mighty Magyars side that can be found here as well as those three databases, Daniel (with the help of Bave) has created a club from scratch database, where newly based Three Rivers FC who are owned by legend Peter Schmiechel replace West Brom in the premier league, version 1 of the database is out where you have £150M to buy your squad, click here. So there is something for everyone to download. Above: DFML'09 Logos and BAN09 Facepacks The graphics team have been working hard and as you can see above we already have two fantastic exclusive styles ready to download. The first is a logo style: DFML'09, designed and created by our graphics master Ede, he has been working hard and over 15 packs have already been made! The second exclusive is a facepack designed by Ben92: BAN'09, we aim to start making a number of packs soon ready for you to download! If you would like a specific one making, ask in the threads and we will get to work as soon as possible. Another section of our site that we have are looking to expand upon is our challenge section. We have a mix of official and unofficial challenges for you to get yours hands on. The first official challenge is that of Mission Impossible, this is where you have to keep one of the three promoted clubs in 2010 up, this may not sound hard but when you see there in, its not easy. One of the old favourite challenges is also back, it is that of Unemployed Challenge, this is where you start with a sunday league reputation and try and work your way up the leagues to manage one of the big clubs. There are many other official and unofficial challenges to get your hands on so come over and check us out. Finally, you maybe wondering why are they using the DFM name on the TG domain its so unproffesional, well this is due to problems out of our hands. Our owner Footzilla is currently having personal problems and he is not able to get on the computer for the current time being, we have his assurance that he will be back in the summer to complete the change over. So with all this available on DFM be sure to come over and take a look! Regards, DFM Staff Team Forums
  8. FM talk

    Fmpulse < discussfm > fmt
  9. Just updated first post as we are re launching at 7pm GMT tonight! Check us out!
  10. Join and become a helpful member and then yes
  11. Admins:Delta, Tevez Staff:Sakers, Addicted4Life, FMTM, nufcfan Discuss FM is a newly created site that has recently been shut down for a few weeks while the the Admin and Staff Team updated the site and brought it up to a better standard. Tonight at 7pm we are Re Opening DFM is the Tactical Heaven. At the moment there are not many tactics up but our dedicated Staff Team will be adding more as time goes on. We are also hoping members will try and create there own tactics and upload them to the site! Here at DFM there is also an Exclusive Tactics Competition! We also have a brand new Forum Skin that has been custom made! We hope you like it! and in a few weeks we hopefully will be adding some more skins to choose from. The new mainsite created by Delta has also been made identical to the forum skin. The Main Site will be constantly updated to show you the latest articles and gossip on FM. Every 2 weeks, an exclusive Online Magazine will be available to download aswell! For more Info on the site, visit us! DiscussFM Main Site DiscussFM Forums Register on the Forums
  12. Im so into FM and passionate for it that when my team plays crap and losses I punch things and get angry over it and I punched my laptop screen the other monday after a loss and basically broke it . So Now ive installed it on mums computer I dont want to brake anything . Now I know its silly but I just get angry lolz. How do you lot react when having a bad game etc and any tips for me so I dont rip the place down?
  13. Abit of Help with steam

    dont worry guys, I remembers my password!
  14. Abit of Help with steam

    I went to retrieve account and put my email in, yet Steam didnt send it :confused: and its the only email I use so I dont no Will UNIlock work?
  15. Abit of Help with steam

    I cant remember my old account