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  1. Even Steam is joining in winding up now. Just had a pop up from it and got excited thinking it was to say it was ready to download, but is just a Steam update. Not risking doing that right now though!
  2. Nik, surely you can find something that they just read for 2 hours whilst you sit at the front doing 'marking' or 'research' on your laptop
  3. Quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to. If I get promoted, at what point do players not already at the club recognise that I have been promoted? Obviously, I would want to start looking for new players to strengthen my squad as soon as I know I am going up but I don't want to agree to sign my new players at that point if there is potentially a group of players who will recognise that I will be playing a league higher next season and be interested in joining but they don't recognise this until a later date. Hope that makes sense!
  4. I recently resigned from my Liverpool job and am looking for a new club. A couple of times, I have applied for a vacancy that has come up but been rejected as the interview process is already over as the vacancy became available a few days before but I had to wait until the current lot of processing finished to see it. Is there a setting I can change so that any time a vacancy comes up, I have the option to apply for it before the interview process finishes? If not, has anyone else had this issue and would find that addition useful?
  5. When this is 1 of your philosophies, does anyone know what the upper age limit is for players to count for this?
  6. Would like to see the option introduced to offer free agent players short term contracts, rather than having to offer them a contract until the end of the current season at the earliest. And immediate loan backs to selling clubs built into the deal when you are buying a player as someone mentioned above.
  7. Not sure if any of these have been suggested already but I imagine a few have elsewhere: - I dont recall ever seeing a keeper mess up a clearance kick from a backpass but I think this happens often enough IRL to be included - The ability to agree an early transfer for a player who signs a pre contract. IRL, if you sign a player on a pre contract in January to move in the summer, you can try to arrange him leaving/joining your club for a small fee at that time rather than waiting until the summer but we dont have that option yet. - The ability to try and persuade a player that it is beneficial to go out on loan. I have quite a few youth players who arent ready for 1st team football at my level yet, but I would prefer them to go out on loan and play 1st team football in a lower league than sit in my under 19 team. But most of them refuse any loan offers and I have no option (that I can see) to speak to them and explain that. I appreciate that this happens sometimes IRL, but I think it happens too much in game and especially when there is no tool to try and change it - Club form to be more dynamic when it comes to teams being favourites for matches. For example, I am currently playing as Inverness and am 3rd in the table after 14 games and am playing Rangers at home who are bottom of the table, yet the odds and team talk options still have Rangers listed as the overwhelming favourites which must be mainly based on the 'normal' expectations Am sure I will think of some more as I go along but thought I would post those for now whilst I had them in mind
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