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  1. Even Steam is joining in winding up now. Just had a pop up from it and got excited thinking it was to say it was ready to download, but is just a Steam update. Not risking doing that right now though!
  2. Nik, surely you can find something that they just read for 2 hours whilst you sit at the front doing 'marking' or 'research' on your laptop
  3. Quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to. If I get promoted, at what point do players not already at the club recognise that I have been promoted? Obviously, I would want to start looking for new players to strengthen my squad as soon as I know I am going up but I don't want to agree to sign my new players at that point if there is potentially a group of players who will recognise that I will be playing a league higher next season and be interested in joining but they don't recognise this until a later date. Hope that makes sense!
  4. I recently resigned from my Liverpool job and am looking for a new club. A couple of times, I have applied for a vacancy that has come up but been rejected as the interview process is already over as the vacancy became available a few days before but I had to wait until the current lot of processing finished to see it. Is there a setting I can change so that any time a vacancy comes up, I have the option to apply for it before the interview process finishes? If not, has anyone else had this issue and would find that addition useful?
  5. When this is 1 of your philosophies, does anyone know what the upper age limit is for players to count for this?
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