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  1. Also when it comes to youth players, anyone with 3 star+ potential will have a personalised training plan with reminders every 3 months
  2. Real life stopped me from playing the game, but I've finally loaded up a save following the winter update, Firmino and Salah look amazing with their stats boosted, whilst the other changes mostly seem to be to the youth players. I've decided to go with three different variations on the 4-2-3-1 after spending a lot of my other saves trying to get a 4-3-3 working with varying levels of success. I'll post them below along with the 5 youth prospects I'm going to be trying to build the future around, unless the youth intake gives me something amazing, Also when it comes to buying players, unless s
  3. Huh so the update came out, playing with no couthino will be interesting
  4. I've had lots of trouble with motivation for playing this, I'm starting over one last time and seeing how it goes
  5. I've swapped my 4-3-3 back to a slightly tweaked 4-2-3-1 that I used in my first season. I'll post it soon
  6. So my plan for the coming season is to have two players for each position, and then youth players to boost the squad up, so based on that below will be my tactics for the coming season, main 11 and second 11. I've put my transfers up as well, Milner rejected the contract from Nates which is why I had him on the January window in my first save and then again below
  7. Finally getting around to start my second season of my liverpool save, I'll post at the end of the transfer window which is just before the season starts with transfers and my formation.
  8. Can we just look at this sponorship deal, 6 years £300m
  9. So end of my first season, and from my mid season review it should go without saying that we won the league in our first season, and as you can see quite easily too in the end. We broke our own total points record and the record for the league too, we also broke the record for the most wins in a league season with 32 as well. That being said we were nowhere near an all conquering team, and we fell short in the three cup competitions, and as you can see in the champions league we were destroyed by Real Madrid. We had them at 1-1 half time in the first leg but just fell apart in the second and c
  10. He's got the same finishing on my save, I've left him in the under 18's for my first season. Just had my Regen take, here's the top 3 players to come in
  11. January transfer window has ended and then was some movement involved; Danny Ings went to Man City for £14m up front and an extra £7m over the next two years James Milner went on loan to Nates, who are paying us £240k a week for the loan with a mandatory £15m future fee Harry Wilson went out on loan to Ipswich Ragnar Klavan £10m Quanjian We brought a couple of players in too Ante Coric for £10.75m Ryan Sessegon £12m who will be re-trained for my left wingback role
  12. Mid Season Review: So I'm at January in my first season and things couldn't be going better, for me so far. My 4-2-3-1 has been dominating the league so far, 19 wins from 21 games and 0 losses wasn't something that I was expecting at the start, especially when the game keeps telling me that due to me not using anyone in the DM slot it would leave me weak in that area of the pitch. 7 Goals conceded so far tells a different story, especially considering Liverpool don't have an amazing keeper at the start of the season, so consider me shocked when this has been happening with Karius, 15 cle
  13. I'm at the start of November in my first season, and Firmino, Mane and Salah have 10 goals each in all comps if they don't end on 25+ each it'll seem underwhelming from right now
  14. So following pre-season I've gone with a 4-2-3-1, I played with it for a few months in a test save over the past week or so and things worked out well with if, after changing somethings. The main thing is to get the best out of Firmino, Coutinho, Mane and Salah which it seems to be, and I rotate Salah and Mane between AML and AMR. Loading the save up and four players and 4.5 star potential; Grujic will be my long term replacement for Can. Gomez will rotate this season as RB and CB, but next season I want him to be VVD's CB partner (hint I've bought VVD) Woodburn will be used as
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