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  1. Top fm16 players wanted!!!

    Hey Im deffo up for a online game all depending on time and days of course ill add you on steam
  2. Hey guys just a quick question can you play online useing the same internet i.e both in the same house?
  3. Financially Insolvent

  4. Playing as man utd and PSG come in with a bid for phil jones for £18 mil. I see him as a first team player and reject the offer. A week later they come back with a £20 mill offer this time I think ill test the waters and negotiate the offer asking for £50 mill (but would be willing to accept offers off £40 mill) eventually they get him for £41 mill even though i really wasn't willing to sell every player has a price its just are you willing to buy/sell for that price.
  5. Hey everyone as the title say's what are the little things in the game that make you smile?. Mine is was playing a champions league game away in kiev and to my surprise in the crowd this flare went off made me smile a little silly I know but never noticed this before.
  6. find a post

    thanks told you i was blind lol
  7. there is a thread which shows you hidden features on here for the love of got i can't find it or im just being blind can anyone help?
  8. Hey guys hoping someone can help me with the skins and player faces in the game im playing fm 13. No idea how to do it :confused: thanks
  9. The UK Challenge Clan

    is this still open to play?
  10. MLS Rules?

    http://www.socceramerica.com/article/50570/2013-mls-salary-and-roster-rules.html sorry bout the links it's easier than explaining
  11. MLS Rules?

  12. A few ideas for FM 14

    Maybe at the start of the game there could be an interview asking varied question on experience with in football and football knowledge. It is then set to experience and is locked and you have to build up your rep to get better jobs. After its set it gives you a list of suitable employers based on your answers etc. Also will say there must be a option to turn this feature off for the gamers who either struggle playing the game or just want a quick fix.
  13. Basically it's like the bank's it's sort of a bonus to the shareholder's. Usually only paid out if company makes a profit but i could be mistaken. Or it could be based upon the shareholders discreation weather they pay out if they make a loss.
  14. Emergency loan!

    first season start of november
  15. Emergency loan!

    2 youth keepers....and playing as blackpool in championship....gonna kill my promotion now