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  1. Maradona was just 18 in 82, and I remember that vividly. He had also just secured youth WC for Argentina at the age of 17.I saw almost all matches of 82, and hold it dear as the best WC I have experienced.(78 being the first). I know Gentile was a hard man, and so was Scirea. Both considered amongst the best. Good for them they marked out an inexperienced 18 year old, that had the hopes of a whole nation that were defending champs. Messi is 22, and has star quality around him. Sure he is marked tightly. He always is. He should show the world he is as great, when it comes to the national teams as he is allowed to be in Barcelona. A national team where he has yet to play a pivotal role.
  2. Wasn't the post about Maradona marked out of a game at 18 by 2 of the best defenders in the world? I think the only difference is that the game is faster today than then. Defenders weren't cardboards in general. Messi needs to show that he is the best player (by far) other than in a weak league with great players. To support him he has Iniesta and Xavi. Sure he is great. Greatest by far - not in my opinion.
  3. To be quite frank, Maradona was only 18, and had way too much pressure on his shoulders, and he couldn't cope with such pressure, and had a terrible WC in 82, not just against Italy. Messi has so many star players on his team, both in Barcelona and in Argentina - unlike Maradona. Later, who cared who marked Maradona? He ran though one of the best defences in the world in the English team like they were cardboards .Messi had a bad WC because he didn't excel, and have had quite a problem doing just that on the national team, not just the WC.
  4. It can help morale, and get players who have played only decent to lift their game. It has an effect. Whether you are still able to win everything is only down to the "terrible" AI of the other teams.
  5. My dc 42 matches 14goals

    I have done the same with several defenders. All they need is great a pretty good jumping attribute, although not always like with my star defender who only has 13 but keeps on scoring on corners. One time with Roma Mexes was my topscorer, but that was in 2010. But this still works. And yes, I would call it the corner bug. Pass to far post, and have him attack far post. In old days I used to have the other challenge the keeper, but I got lazy with the setup, and still score regularly. It can work with pretty much any strong person, I reckon, as I previously did it with my target man striker. I have a feeling that scoring goals this way, declines goal in other ways, so I don't think you will score more at the end of the day.
  6. Like Malikoi I tend to do it before big games, or when I feel the team/player needs a boost, or to just keep them on their toes. I guess I take conferences 50% of the time.
  7. I rarely play more than 2 seasons, few times 4 seasons. After that I quit the game for a time, and when I return I start a new team up(or the same) and have a go at it again. The only simulation game I would play for years on end in each game is EHM 2007, which is incredible addictive with the drafting systems and whatnot.
  8. FM rage

    Well, even though I hear what you are saying and to a great extent agree, I find many positives to it as well; willing to excel, fight against injustice(even if it is beyond my control), being passionate, having a drive. Sure there are a lot of negatives attached to it, and it is a heavy cross to bear at times along with overreacting, but I wouldn't be without it really - only to a lesser extent - which I have somewhat managed to do over the years. Being ****ed off, is not only a negative sign. It is pretty healthy too. Furthermore being able to vent frustration prevents it from being bottled up, and perhaps prevent you from doing something really, really destructive eventually down the line. Think of John McEnroe. He was incredibly inspiring to watch, but also embarrassing too. It helped him more than he suffered from it I reckon.
  9. Of course he can. It describes a player that those younger than him look up to, or at least should. He could even inspire older players.
  10. What? It is at least as much the opposite, unless SI Games f**ked up. It is the ability the foresee things happening before they do, which is a key concept for a player with defensive responsibilities - especially to compensate for lack of speed.
  11. FM rage

    Exactly, Pangaea. This was what I had in mind, when I wrote it. The worst part is, that it pretty much mirrors real life. The only thing missing from FM versus RL is the law of karma . They should try to implement that . Edit: PS I have my explosive anger from my mother as well - both when it comes to losing and injustice . My dad was and still is calm incarnate.
  12. It could be good irl, but in a game, it would ruin a lot, because: a) I like transfers, and even if I am not gimped financially, others will, which will result in me being gimped, and the game would not be thrilling for me; a dead market, is a dead game - or close to it. b) The differences between rich and poor could be even more defined, than it already is - should SI eventually be able to improve the AI on transfer market for it to be a truly competitive game experience. This could be the result irl as well. In real life, I am sure a lot of creative hoola with the finances would occur, especially if it is a rich club to bend the rules. Something that FM can't even try to recreate or imitate.
  13. FM rage

    Being angry while being competitive, and not otherwise aren't related.I, myself is a pretty calm person in most situations, but when it comes to competition it is a different thing all-together. There are more reasons for this other than just being a sore loser, but as I know I am good/great at something, and "unfairness" kicks in, to make me lose for no other reason that it was my time to lose. That makes me angry. In short injustice is what makes me going over the edge. Having said that, I was a very sore loser as a kid in sports, and now being 39 I have come to accept that I am not the greatest - at least not anymore (tongue in cheek). In my time irl I have smashed badminton-, tennis-, table tennis rackets, cried out of anger, when losing. In games I have smashed my hand into a sturdy C64, not so sturdy keyboards, fisted CRT, doors, kicked cupboards close by, thrown cigarette packages, mice across rooms(luckily never have any coffee cups been violated). And no game have have been as much reason than CM/FM. Then again, it is by far the games I have used most time on in my 30 years of gaming. But I must admit I am more casual about losing in the last 5 years - because in the end it doesn't really matter, since I win most of the time anyways. I have never jeopardized anyone other than myself(except for verbal assault) by throwing anything out of the window, but I will not judge you, because I could easily have done so.
  14. I wouldn't go as far as saying I don't care either way, but what is the most important thing, is the fact that SI games always makes sure that they get it right(to a satisfactory level) in the end. Not all game developers can boast of the same.This being said, I somewhat wish they didn't have to backpedal with each start of a new installment in the series, but in fact be at least as good as the prior in the last state. Which would result in being closer to being perfect, when we reach the 3rd patch(if need be).
  15. I am quite satisfied with 10.3 even if it is far from perfect, but it is easily the best of the patches for 2010. So once again the third installment of a patch in each of the series is the best. Maybe next time they don't have to have three tries to get it "right"? Who am I kidding? It is a tradition, which must be upheld to extent the longevity till the next part in the series. Right?