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  1. Well, even though I hear what you are saying and to a great extent agree, I find many positives to it as well; willing to excel, fight against injustice(even if it is beyond my control), being passionate, having a drive. Sure there are a lot of negatives attached to it, and it is a heavy cross to bear at times along with overreacting, but I wouldn't be without it really - only to a lesser extent - which I have somewhat managed to do over the years. Being ****ed off, is not only a negative sign. It is pretty healthy too. Furthermore being able to vent frustration prevents it from being bottled up, and perhaps prevent you from doing something really, really destructive eventually down the line. Think of John McEnroe. He was incredibly inspiring to watch, but also embarrassing too. It helped him more than he suffered from it I reckon.
  2. Exactly, Pangaea. This was what I had in mind, when I wrote it. The worst part is, that it pretty much mirrors real life. The only thing missing from FM versus RL is the law of karma . They should try to implement that . Edit: PS I have my explosive anger from my mother as well - both when it comes to losing and injustice . My dad was and still is calm incarnate.
  3. Being angry while being competitive, and not otherwise aren't related.I, myself is a pretty calm person in most situations, but when it comes to competition it is a different thing all-together. There are more reasons for this other than just being a sore loser, but as I know I am good/great at something, and "unfairness" kicks in, to make me lose for no other reason that it was my time to lose. That makes me angry. In short injustice is what makes me going over the edge. Having said that, I was a very sore loser as a kid in sports, and now being 39 I have come to accept that I am not the greatest - at least not anymore (tongue in cheek). In my time irl I have smashed badminton-, tennis-, table tennis rackets, cried out of anger, when losing. In games I have smashed my hand into a sturdy C64, not so sturdy keyboards, fisted CRT, doors, kicked cupboards close by, thrown cigarette packages, mice across rooms(luckily never have any coffee cups been violated). And no game have have been as much reason than CM/FM. Then again, it is by far the games I have used most time on in my 30 years of gaming. But I must admit I am more casual about losing in the last 5 years - because in the end it doesn't really matter, since I win most of the time anyways. I have never jeopardized anyone other than myself(except for verbal assault) by throwing anything out of the window, but I will not judge you, because I could easily have done so.
  4. - 720 degrees player adjustable camera. - The possibility for players to be football invalids. - NextGen refing(adding cameras to help the refs, and linesmen, because the refs are even worse here than irl, and need more help seemingly). - No more exceptions makes the rule kind of thing(the list is too long to list, but as an example too many clubs want Ronaldo-kind of fees for their players, regardless of their financial status.). - A user interface that doesn't look like a spreadsheet. It was okay in 1991. Less buttons also. - Better sounds. The sounds used would not have been good in 1991, but in 2010, it's unacceptable, and should cost heads. - A engine that doesn't take 2 steps forward, and one backwards, and needs to be patched 3 times to work on a so-so level. - Better assessment of players. Many a time, you have players the assistent find useless, when they do play very well, which makes me for the most part ignore my assistants assessments. - Better trainers from across the world, so all the good ones aren't just the English. - Better valued trainers at top clubs, so we don't have to fire 90% of the staff. It gets quite trivial. - Make it harder for clubs to steal top trainers at even bigger clubs. - Make matches more even, instead of just getting the results right/plausible. - Make changes more responsive, so you don't have to wait to make adjustsments. - It makes me cringe that players with mediocre stats can rule in areas where they shouldn't excel. Ie headers won. A person who is terrible at something will go out of his way to avoid those situations, and use other measures. Despite all it's flaws, bugs, and whatnot - this is still an incredibly addictive game, and does a lot things right - especially the results. How they happen is a different matter, and I hope it will be addressed somewhere in the next 10 years.
  5. I really think they should for the next version replace footballplayers with fantasy sword-wielding combatants with the ability to win awards like sword of sharpness, elven chain mails, potions of levitate etc. A match to the final man standing or at least till the opposition yields. This football thing has been said and done for nearly 20 years, and its time to manage something unworldly.
  6. I have played all versions of CM/FM, and I never look back after a new release. Even if it has the difficulties that 09 have had.
  7. - Don't try to emulate real life football. Most football matches are not very interesting to watch, and watching 60 games that emulate real life football will never be a success. Especially if you do manage down the road to make it 100% realistic, which it luckily isn't right now. - Less emphasize on tactics. This is a footy game, not a tactic simulator. - Make the big teams better at buying players(this has been improved though, but needs more).
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