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  1. Mine changed his mind. But it was a bit strange for him to say it in the first place given that he's been there little over a season, and had only won League 1. His change of mind might've been due to his contract being almost over.
  2. Isn't the purpose of allowing your assistant manager to take on tasks to allow players to focus or ignore different elements of the game depending on their interests? If so, the worst that should happen is that your AM makes a bit of a mess of the situation; perhaps he'll demotivate the squad on occasions or give the opposition the edge in terms of mind games, not somehow give a succession of answers that are bad enough to directly threaten your job. I'm not convinced that it's an unlikely situation for it to arise in the game either. In my case I think it started in non-league where I'd been offered so few press conferences that my media handling rating was poor - I didn't take any different an approach to what I now do in the Championship where I simply answer every press conference and have a much higher rating. The job interview for my then League 2 team asked a question about improving media performance, but it didn't state that it was of any particular importance. So it was a little strange, without any prior hints, to get a message saying that I'd be sacked for it (albeit they changed their mind when, I think, I pointed out that the team's league position was far more important). That simply wasn't a realistic situation in a game which strives for realism. It might be fairer if it was implemented in a manner in which the board stated something like: "Our last manager alienated the media which weakened our reputation in the game, so we need you to maintain excellent media relations throughout your reign." Regardless, the main point we can probably agree on is that media needs to be freshened up. I don't know how many questions there are in the game - I'd be surprised if it was more than 40 with tokenistic variations on each - but ideally a less predictable series of questions, a more suitable range of answers, and a little more obvious feedback on what has worked or otherwise would be the ideal scenario in the longer term.
  3. Being sacked for failing a specific task is logical, I agree. But it's so far removed from reality that it shouldn't be in the game.
  4. In his defence, clubs rarely sack a manager for poor media handling in reality unless they do something outrageous. At most, poor media handling will exacerbate a board's disappointment when everything else is going badly. I got threatened with the sack for that reason when managing a League Two team who were competing for promotion rather than being in the expected lower/mid-table position. A team at that level doing better than expected won't pay up 18 months of a contract to get rid of a successful manager. That said, it's not hard to overcome the issue in the game: simply address all media requests with the blandest, safest answer. Much like most managers do.
  5. I'm in the summer of 2020 and Bolton have just been relegated from League Two. It looks like they haven't been able to afford to renew the contracts of any of their decent players for a couple of years as pretty much the entire squad consists of young homegrown players on less than £150 a week. They did quite well to briefly escape the relegation zone after being deducted 10 points, but they collapsed and went down anyhow. They asked me to take the job on halfway through the season - their weekly wage limit was £10k, and bizarrely the transfer budget was £400,000 which doesn't make much sense.
  6. This is my first FM since 2012. Until the past few weeks I had barely played any version of the game in almost two years which has helped freshen it up for me. This version has some flaws - the interface is a bit fiddly at first, and there are far far too many goals - but I'd say that it represents another solid progression.
  7. I've tried this for my Boston team in the Conference North after taking over early in the season with the team struggling at 18th. On the whole it's been pretty good - with a couple of games left we should finish around 11th, and we had a good cup run in which we beat some higher division teams. I think if I'd started the season with the team already used to the tactic and had more strength in depth (my first XI would often be tired from the extra matches and extra time from the cup run, leaving me with half a team that I'm planning to release), we'd be set for the play-offs. The main problem we have is that we're incredibly vulnerable to quick attacks that are hit direct to quicker opposing strikers. At this level, it seems that most central defenders aren't quick enough to cope and any that I can find who are fast have technical stats that are so poor that I suspect they're a disaster waiting to happen. I'll probably try to sign one as an experiment or/and tinker with the defensive line a little to see if it helps. I don't have any problems with the wing-backs. My left-sided player is about a good an all-rounder as you can expect at that level. My right-sided wing-back has been a revelation after I converted him from centre-back. He's not especially quick but he somehow has good crossing and dribbling skills for his position and is also solid defensively, and is in contention for the division's player of the year. I have a two-footed/both-sided young winger on loan who isn't that great at anything but crossing and dribbling. Despite being far from natural as a wing-back he's been useful on occasions when chasing a game.
  8. When I was about 13 I was playing an early version of FM/CM with my friend. All was normal when I heard some footsteps walking up the stairs. My cat turned the corner and miaowed. He looked at me and then my friend. And then did a massive whizz over my bedside cabinet. Session abandoned. Repeated failures as Gillingham: around 2005 I got the team to the League One play-off final. Within 30 mins we had three red cards and were 3-0 down. Chased the game. Lost 8-3. I didn't try again until approximately FM 2009. The team were rooted at the bottom of League Two with 15 games or so to go, but I got them to a safe-ish 22nd position with one game remaining. At 1-1 we were safe until injury time. My centre-back passed back to the 'keeper from 30 yards out. Unchallenged, my 'keeper stepped forward to claim the ball... and then just watched it trickle into the net for an unlikely relegation. Flat-hunting on the outskirts of west London and being confused as to why I'd recognise a road name in an area that I wasn't familiar with. A little later it clicked that it was home to Wealdstone, the team that I'd been managing for three seasons. Playing as Gateshead for so long that I went to see Gateshead play in real life. In a really old version, signing one of the best (but most tempermental) players in the world on a free transfer but with a huge sum to be paid after he made 50 appearances. Sold him after 49 appearances and then pulled more or less the same trick to bring him back a year later.
  9. I don't think we'd be posting pics of him here, even if the thread title was "Guys of the World Cup."
  10. Collected £6 from yesterday's first scorer bets - £5 for Sanchez and a refund for Pulido (not sure why, presumably because he didn't play). So with the previous day's £50, I've now got most of my budgeted £74 back already. How does Cavani, Balotelli and Bony sound? Haven't got a clue on Colombia v Greece. Was briefly tempted by Samaras at 11-1 but then I thought that they should be the odds for any Greece player scoring at any time in the match.
  11. Spent £11 yesterday but got £50 back. Struggled to pick today's first scorers but went for Pulido, Robben and Sanchez.
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