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  1. I've been playing the cm/fm series since cm2-3 and I have to say I like how the game has developed since then. I think the including of the 3D match engine was a good thing, although I still stick to 2D classic. Sub team-talks 1. As previously mentioned I'd like the ability to give instructions (team talks) to players being subbed and brought onto the pitch, like during half-time talks. "Make available for reserve team"-option 2. I don't know if it's been mentioned before, or If I'm the only one struggling with it, but after installing the 9.0.3 patch, I suddenly lost the "Make available for reserves" option when right clicking my players. I remember it was an option with: Make available for reserves: 1) until match-fit 2) for 1 week 3) for 2 weeks I'd also like a 4th option for players I'd like to have ready for a certain 1st team match, say I want Ronaldinho to be match fit to my match against Barcalona, then with that option you force the reserve coach to use him. Taking control of the reserve team takes too much time. Now the only way to define which players will be set for the reserve team is through the newspost on the matchday of the reserves, which is extremely annoying. Having a huge squad and only 18 selected players (11 field+7subs) means I have to first select my match lineup. Then press "Make selected players unavailable for reserve match" and "Make substitutes unavailable for reserve match." I also press "make all unselected players available for reserves." Then I have to give the people in my A squad which I don't want to play either A or B squad match selections and go to the newspost again and press "make selected players unavailable for reserve match." Some people might think "why not just let the players you're not gonna use in your first team match play your reserve match?" - Well, sometimes players are recovering from an injury (orange inj icon) and I want them to fully heal before being matched. Aswell as during tight match schedules I want several options on each position if injuries were to occur to key players. Your own managerial stats 3. They just don't make any sense. I want to be able to compare myself to other managers. Financial control and club/player lojalty could still be there, but I want stats as other managers have. F.ex you could have working with youngsters read off your youth team and your youngsters/younger players. If they like you, the stats would be high. Social attributes, motivating and disciplin linked to how the team responds to team talks and comments to the media, tactical how your tactics work with the players etc. And the other ratings from how well gk's and defending is from the training improvements of your players. This way I feel it would be more interesting and easier to read off how you perform and where you could improve, when comparing yourself to rival managers. Able to pick favorite players/clubs/staff during games 4. While players and staff bond and connect with eachother during the seasons, I think you as a manager should be able to make players and staff on the "Good relationship" tab. Inspect contract offered to players waiting for transfer completion 5. During the start of the game I often find myself offering contracts to many players at the same time, and re-assuring yourself that you didn't offer a player a rediculous amount of money for sign on fee f.ex, could help out. Not a big issue just for overall feel of control. I know theres more ideas I've thought of before but forgotten, but Its late and I'm getting ready for work so I'll have to edit/make a new post with the rest of my ideas. If anyone bothered reading through please comment on the ideas, if I'm twisted or If I'm onto something. Thanks for a great game
  2. Squad Harmony?!?!?!?!

    I have the same issue. In my 3rd season with Juventus now, won CL, Serie A and got to the final of the Italian cup. This season I took the european super cup and the italian cup. Squad harmony was at 94% and everyone were having a jolly ol' time. Then I slam Aguero's 4.3 match rating early on in a league match and suddenly i'm down to 9% and unable to get it up. He's back up to 'enjoying playing for the club' and his teammates are all the same except three players I've left out of the squad, yet squad harmony isn't rising and several players are starting to get 'dismayed at the lack of harmony.' Off-topic; The "bug" that makes defenders with 9 acceleration and 12 speed outrun my attacker with 20 acceleration and 20 speed, both at 90% fitness, is really starting to annoy the fun out of the game. When chasing the ball my attacker just decides 'hey i'll just crawl for this ball ye, that'll work!' I've seen it mentioned in another post but can't seem to find it Back on topic again: Don't know if it's a bug or if its meant to be like that, but at the start of last season (after I had won the CL, Serie A and even won the euro super cup) the manager description in my profile window said "Under-pressure manager, whilst the board were pleased with my job and job status was very secure.