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  1. We could win 5-0 and the next day the thread would be full of him arguing that if we had Harry Redknapp as manager we'd have won 6-0. How did he get banned again?
  2. Sy13 is looked back on with rose tinted glasses, he was infuriating
  3. Who says we even need another coach? It's all romantic and lovely thinking that we can offer coaching roles to every likeable player that retires here, but when you've got a team of skilled experienced coaches do you really need Arteta there as well backing up what they say as a token gesture? When does it end too? Every time someone retires in the club or a former player retires there's always shouts to give them coaching contracts, I'm sure Arsenal know what they're doing when it comes to coaching staff
  4. I think we can all agree "reluctant to play youth" isn't really a sentence that sums Wenger up, he's not Mourinho, so therefore I can only assume he thinks the youth we have aren't up to standard yet, which I'm willing to trust him over
  5. Yeah exactly, I'll get nothing for weeks then 4 goals in 2 games and I'll think it's sorted, then back to no goals for 3-4 games. Haven't managed to work out the pattern.
  6. I'm having troubles getting my strikers to perform, rock solid in defence but nearly all goals are coming from the wings or midfield and my striker frequently gets the lowest rating in the whole team. Using one of Morata/Giroud/Walcott but they all have the same problem, any ideas?
  7. Playing as Arsenal, since switching to this I've only conceded 1 goal in 6 games, haven't touched anything just plug and play, impressive.
  8. Silly rumours today that Messi fancies the PL and Arsenal would be his preferred choice, he would want £600k a week though. Fancy giving us a christmas present Mathieu?
  9. So rumours of Wenger retiring in 2017, who do you reckon we would get in next? There's no real obvious options except wishing for Guardiola
  10. To be fair, like people have said it's mostly a ceremonial position now, Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke call all the shots. Hill-Wood had a nasty habit of coming out in the press and saying embarrassing stuff and undermining everyone so I'm sure Sir Chips can't be worse.
  11. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/arsenal-transfers-gonzalo-higuain-move-1938430 Potentially more reliable than a Colombian radio station?
  12. Front line of Walcott - Higuain - Jovetic with Arteta, Wilshere and Carzola behind would be pretty dreamy.
  13. Some interesting stuff coming from the AST meeting apparently. Told due to new sponsorship deals Arsenal have £70m minimum up to £100m to spend on transfers before wages, Sahin and Mata were both 'done deals' and Wenger expected to break his transfer record this summer. 17+ players to leave, but all departures will be entirely by choice, no contract issues forcing hands and we don't need to make money. Still remain skeptical as always but all early words out of the club is that this is the summer where we really invest. Fingers crossed eh?
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