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  1. oh i never bothered with that coz it was only a "quick load" game so couldnt really offer much fun i found. my 2 results since having him have been a 3-1 home win over liverpool and a 1-6 away win over villa, and we had been sliding down the table before that! maybe it does get into the players minds!
  2. i thought the demo was only playable upto xmas? yeah they can be from real people - often you will get takeovers from consortiums lead by ex-players etc
  3. weird it did say he was putting in £6.5mil - but he put in £30mil... no idea where he got that from tho!
  4. I've just had a consortium take me over lead by Simon Jordan - im Necaslte in the prem his first priority is to get me on a "sound financial footing" is this crystal palace's Simon Jordan??!! IM GOING TO ADMINISTRATION SOON THEN!!!
  5. i dont think its that unrealistic tbh - Seria A have just dont a break-away like the EPL did and will start to see massive financial windfalls - leading obviously to "bigger" players going there and more sucess. just because there are alot of German teams in the Europa League i wouldnt read into it too much, remember Fulham are still there! (and liverpool and they are terrible IRL!) Inter are now the dominant force in Italy - and have 1 foot squarly in the CL Semi this year and are worth a bet to win it i recon. and AC totally dominated MU in their first leg. German sides have fallen away alot in the last 5 years, with only Bayern really coming back this season. - Altho i too have notice Genoa becoming quite a big team - but then they do have some really good young talent in Aquafresca, Bolzoni, Criscrito - so maybe its valid, only time will tell!
  6. i have (had) a 5 star coach get a message Man utd approach for "coach" i think damn i'll offer him more money to try keep him click on him and hes already at man utd - now surely there should have been a break in the processing to allow me to defend the transfer. i dont see why he would go there anyway, im inter doing really well and they are doing badly. its just urgh!
  7. joejoep

    in form strikers

    Dzeko for inter Vagner Love for newcastle (hes a beast in this game!)
  8. joejoep

    X Demands Money To Move

    its a good way of cutting budgets, id rather pay £20k pw than £50k pw and have you not playing so bye bye. im just annoyed that you never get players coming to you and demanding that from their old club..
  9. joejoep

    Red Card bug

    IRL inter get loads of cards... 2 red against Milan, 2 against Samp. its not a bug (im an inter fan and i think its a conspiracy IRL - so at least the game is realistic!)
  10. joejoep

    Paolo Maldini as staff

    probably waiting for AC managers job
  11. joejoep

    Just had a takeover

    b) i) he might actually clear it in one swoop, but no you cant play about with loans etc that are set up
  12. joejoep

    Just had a takeover

    a) look at your balance that will say how rich you are, if he has pumped in £70mil id guess rich (and you yourself personally irl, even if you are in debt, are better off than pompy) b) no
  13. no the stats are linked - heading, height and jumping. i was checking this years ago as Oba Martins used to get only like a 10 for jumping but there are times when he could out jump a stretching van der Sar, before doing a series of back flips etc, the SI guys say the score is determined on how often a player really does it, ie martins can jump high and head well, but actually how often does he do it? - answer not many hence low score. so heading score isnt just ability to head, but how often it is done, and this naturally goes down for short people who cant jump look at wayne rooney IRL - only 2 headed goals in hundreds yet 8 from last 10 or something - can do it, but doesnt often heading 10 jumping 10... so me thinks hes fake
  14. title does indeed sound very dodgy! but not as dodgy as his stats - heading is 16 but hes 5'9" and jumping of 7? data editor player by any chance?
  15. as newcastle i always loose to bolton as Inter i always loose to Genoa and everton have always been far too go for what they actually are.. wonder why that is!