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  1. He's already got a load, I have sent him 7, 8 and 9 leagues for those that like to play lower leagues all at the right resolution with borders a few weeks ago. Not based on anything you've done BTW.
  2. PM me a link with the config file you've changed and the pictures - I will take a look as I have modified a couple myself that work.
  3. Ahhh!! Good idea - never even considered that - thank you - I'll look at doing that as they are in the DB!
  4. I hope they do - this is great work, but the damn team I follow just got demoted to Level 10!!! Pah!!!
  5. Does anyone have the skills to make this work for 2013 - absolutely loved it on 2012. Many thanks.
  6. Just want to say thank you for this. I am working on bringing a team up from the Hellenic Premier League which is great as all my local clubs happens to be in it this year. Absolutely brilliant, I cannot see why SI don't put these lower leagues in FM. Again, thank you for all your work.
  7. Thank you for this - now I have to start again ---but--- well worth it. Cheers for your time on this mod.
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