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  1. i havent posted here for a while, or played an FM game since 2012, at the time i went back to cm01/02 (thanks to a site out there that keeps the game updated every season) but now i have got a new pc and the old cm doesnt work so well for me... so im considering buying 2014, but after reading this thread i might give it a miss!
  2. i signed Neymar on a free, then a season later sold him to Barcelona for 35 million not a bad profit methinks
  3. lol Jinner you may want to re-read the comments on page 11, Ruci says that Mini-fmrte will work without a licence
  4. Ruci, does mini fmrte allow you to edit things?
  5. so remind me, where does it tell me what i want to know? cos there is nowhere on the website that i can find that gives me that info
  6. how bout alex notman and mads timm from the utd team in 99? also, ian armstrong, billy paynter (sp?) and another striker, who's name escapes me, (all from port vale) were all awesome in that game that other striker was Steve McPhee , just seen his name in a post a few higher up
  7. how bout half the swedish players in 99/00 - 00/01? pretty much anyone who played for AIK would become great....
  8. were you able to sign John Terry or David Beckham? i have a free transfer DB and have never been able to sign either of them for any club (even with FMRTE!) and the point above me by sammyt93 is a very good one!
  9. ive been keeping an eye on this thread for a while now, loving the idea behind this DB and will happily play it when you release it!
  10. sorry my bad i thought it said you have to donate over 1 euro otherwise it goes to paypal not FMRTE....
  11. there is goonerfan, but its nothing but a glorified scouting tool unless you pay for it, basically it takes away the ability to "save" your changes in the free version
  12. fair enough..... but still, basically FMRTE just became a scouting tool and nothing else for pretty much everyone......
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