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  1. i havent posted here for a while, or played an FM game since 2012, at the time i went back to cm01/02 (thanks to a site out there that keeps the game updated every season) but now i have got a new pc and the old cm doesnt work so well for me... so im considering buying 2014, but after reading this thread i might give it a miss!
  2. how bout alex notman and mads timm from the utd team in 99? also, ian armstrong, billy paynter (sp?) and another striker, who's name escapes me, (all from port vale) were all awesome in that game that other striker was Steve McPhee , just seen his name in a post a few higher up
  3. how bout half the swedish players in 99/00 - 00/01? pretty much anyone who played for AIK would become great....
  4. nooo i mean shouldnt it say the players name rather than <p1>????? other than that matey, keep up the good work with this, it always makes my FM experience more enjoyable
  5. just one problems ive found with this pack, one of the comments says something like "<p1> is pulling the trigger" (i have the speed at the top so it goes too fast to get it exactly )
  6. lol yeah i know i meant that im too lazy to add them all to a shortlist in game
  7. what someone should do is make a Shortlist of all the players involved in this so then its easier to keep an eye on them
  8. awesome, cheers again for all the hard work ya put into this Latimerinho
  9. the only other thing i found after looking in the editor (and making myself a team of all the players from this) is that Ben McManus has 0 for CA/PA, other than that its all perfect!
  10. a couple of data issues ive noticed are..... MY NAME is still wrong there is NO Anthony in my name dude! and the other Mark (must be where the Anthony comes from.... i.e. Mark Anthony Guimares) has his year of birth set as 2011 other than that this is AWESOME! KUTGW!
  11. sweet i cant wait to play with this DB Thanks for ya hard work amigo!
  12. erm my surname seems to be slightly wrong it should be Henderson, not Anthony
  13. nice to see the new Henry and Cech in there! some great finds Rovers, you should buy all these players and make a "superteam" lol
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