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  1. This may not be directly helpful but I can confirm that windowed mode continues to play on PC (FM15) when the user opens other screens, but full screen mode pauses when alt-tabbed - for technical reasons apparently. I used to play on windowed mode on PC for the specific reason that it allowed me to look at other things while the game was running. As I say this doesn't help the OP but given that the PC version continues to play in windowed mode I'd presume that this might be a bug?
  2. I was under the impression that the line did not count as the penalty area for purposes of giving free-kicks/penalties. But then I'm probably wrong.
  3. Depending on which part of the loading screen the 'strange words' are either the licensed leagues or the word 'loading' in a number of languages. EDIT: And the speed it takes to get to the launch screen depends on the capabilities of your computer. It takes seconds on mine, which really isn't that powerful.
  4. Only problem being that all you've really done is accuse SI of deliberatly ignoring bugs, so you're not being particularly helpful in that post.
  5. I too have this issue. Case in point an U-18s player, complaining that their workload is too high. The workload says it is heavy, but his individual focus is on average and his the team training is also supposedly average. All coaches have a light workload. Pictures below: Player in question: The U-18's schedule: And the coaches screen: I appreciate that coaches shouldn't have anything to do with the issue, but thought I'd cover all bases. I don't understand, or perhaps it's just not clear in-game, why players (mainly younger players) have their workload set to high when everything is 'average'. Unless individual training should no longer be applied to u-21s and u-18s. On a side note, and this sort of applies to being unhappy about the training workload: when players complain that they can't see their individual training focus improving any further, is there any way of seeing what they should be improved/or at least what would appease them in terms of training focus?
  6. Before I log this in the bug reports sub-forum, am I missing something here: Andreas Pereira's stats say that he has started 8 league games and come on as a sub twice. He is on loan at Doncaster at the moment. However his form history (for Doncaster and the United U-21s, which shouldn't count as league but non-competitive) only show 5 games played. Am I missing an option to see the remaining five games or this a possible bug? Am I missing an option to see the remaining five games or this a possible bug? EDIT: I've had a similar issue with Tyler Blackett, who's also on loan.
  7. As far as I'm aware there is no difference in the player managing the pre-season matches or assigning them to the assistant, other than getting the opportunity to play around with tactics and players outside of competition.
  8. As far as I'm aware the demo is the same as the full game. I would beg to differ on the crossing, I've had problems with it in the demo and have uploaded a PKM to that effect. I think it's just a case of some players being affected more by said issues than others.
  9. Is there a way of seeing a scout's relevant attributes and assignments on the same screen?
  10. I downloaded the demo last night, have played 9 EPL games and 2 carling cup matches so far. I've submitted two bug report posts so I'll leave this to impressions and things that I can't necessarily back up with .pkms but anecdotally I feel may be issues. Good: Very impressed with the scouting changes. I like the clarifications relating to how complete the scout reports are, and the ambiguity of certain stats. I also like the new scout reports. Much quicker to gain an overview of a player. The tactics screen is much better than I expected. The pitch screen is clear and it's not too difficult/arduous with a mouse to play with columns on the left and see the impact on the pitch screen on the right. I quite like the UI. It took some time to find some things, but then that's normal with new UIs. The menu screen on the left works, for me, much better than the top menu as it was in FM14 and previous. Dislike: It's a minor thing but I'm used to being able to deselect players from their position with a right click in the tactics menu. I'm sure I'll get used to it, and I'm aware that clicking on a player brings up an option to remove them from the position, but this has forced me to use the squad screen for picking the squad, then going to the tactics screen to fine-tune roles, whereas it used to be possible to do all in one page before. This is very much my personal opinion but I feel that the tactics page isn't quite as refined as it could be. If possible, I'd suggest re-introducing the pkd column from the squad menu and restricting the list of other players to the cell containing the player names. In the tactics screen, I've found that you can't click on a player in the list and go to their profile, this can be a bit frustrating if you're trying to work out what role a player can play, particularly if it's not their best role. When clicking on a player in the tactics screen (a trend develops), a list of players suited to that position appears. I very much like the concept, however I've noticed that there is no distinction between players already assigned positions in the squad and unused players. A simple shading behind the players names, or a different colour font for those players already assigned positions, would make it much easier. Very minor I know, but quality of life and all that. Very, very minor: I'm not a fan of clicking the middle mouse button leading back to the home page. Quite often I accidentally press the mouse button too hard when scrolling and it leads back to the home page. Thjs may have been in previous versions but I hadn't noticed it till this one, making me feel it's been accentuated in some way (apologies if that's false). Players tend to dally on the ball quite a lot. They stand there turning left and right, not moving, with an opposing player near by. Sometimes the ball is passed, sometimes a foul is committed. This is probably just a case of the animation not looking particularly impressive than anything else. Not sure/questions: Is there a way of viewing the scouting assignments on the same screen as the scouts attributes? I've been having to swap between the staff screen and manually hovering over each scout's information button, then swapping back to a player I'm interested in, to decide which scout to assign. Bearing in mind that ideally you want a scout based in the same country as a player, or not on assignment, to do player scouting the current setup - unless I'm being obtuse and have missed something obvious - is a bit counter-intuitive. I've noticed quite a few players (at least one per match) getting injuries or knocks from tackling other players. I know that tackling players can often lead to injury but to me this rate is quite - and possibly too - high. This is purely anecdotal as I'm not sure how to provide strong evidence for my case. I'm sure I have other thoughts (there's at least one concerning illogical cases of returning to the home screen rather than a previous screen) but if necessary I'll add those in another post later. All in all I'm finding FM15 to be a big improvement on FM14, even if there are some things I'm not quite fond of.
  11. I found for FM14 un-ticking crowds helped a lot, and having downloaded the FM15 demo today it seems to be the case again. It makes the matches look a bit barren but I can cope with that.
  12. I'd imagine that depends on how useful the feedback is. Constructive feedback with save-games if necessary: good. Short posts saying that x and y features are rubbish and need fixing immediately: not so good. Some people see the beta as getting the game early, perhaps not realising how many bugs can be fixed in a short period with constructive feedback backed up with evidence.
  13. I'm agree with Kriss, how would the user 'play' the game? Are you thinking of an off-the-pitch game, where you have options/choices to train hard or work on additional income, or would there be some form of simulation of the match environment too? EDIT: After your response to Kriss' post, I still don't see much user agency. This is just my opinion obviously but I think it might get boring quickly with little means of impacting matches.
  14. There is a response from Neil Brock in this thread stating that it's not officially supported but works internally: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/400172-FM15-Surface-Pro-3?highlight=surface%2C+pro%2C While someone here noted some issues with using the stylus: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/401666-Reviewed-Microsoft-Surface-3-Double-touch?highlight=surface%2C+pro%2C
  15. Although I don't have the game, from perusing the forum I'd say that the reaction has been a lot more positive compared with this time last year. That may just be me though. EDIT: To be clear, your point is obviously valid, I was just commenting that there seems to be a bit less negativity in comparison with the FM14 beta from what I remember.
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