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  1. Only problem being that all you've really done is accuse SI of deliberatly ignoring bugs, so you're not being particularly helpful in that post.
  2. I too have this issue. Case in point an U-18s player, complaining that their workload is too high. The workload says it is heavy, but his individual focus is on average and his the team training is also supposedly average. All coaches have a light workload. Pictures below: Player in question: The U-18's schedule: And the coaches screen: I appreciate that coaches shouldn't have anything to do with the issue, but thought I'd cover all bases. I don't understand, or perhaps it's just not clear in-game, why players (mainly younger players) have their workload set to high when everything i
  3. Before I log this in the bug reports sub-forum, am I missing something here: Andreas Pereira's stats say that he has started 8 league games and come on as a sub twice. He is on loan at Doncaster at the moment. However his form history (for Doncaster and the United U-21s, which shouldn't count as league but non-competitive) only show 5 games played. Am I missing an option to see the remaining five games or this a possible bug? Am I missing an option to see the remaining five games or this a possible bug? EDIT: I've had a similar issue with Tyler Blackett, who's also on loan.
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