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  1. Have been running this variation of the Wall for the last 10 matches with York in Division 1. 7 wins, 2 losses and a draw, Thoughts as follows: - not as tight defensively as the original Wall - offensively however its a lot stronger than the Wall - STL is key, your best striker should be placed here. As mentioned by Ady911, pace is crucial in this position. All in all, its an improvement over the original Wall. The slightly weaker defense is more than compensated by the stronger offense. I'm toyed with using the original Wall to defend leads once I have it but hardly seems necessary once you have a two goal lead.
  2. Thanks rich_barnes. Tried your modified tactic and its working wonders for me. I'm not a seasoned tactician so I can't comment whether the underlying tactical philosophy improves on Mr Hough's version but I suspect the one reason why it works so much better is simply because Mr Hough's relies alot on having good wingbacks and these are a rarity. Certainly for a no premier league team, they are hard to find. By moving up the wingbacks to midfielders in your tactic, there is now alot more talent in those departments.
  3. Happy to run some tests for you with French clubs if you like. Any idea as to when this will be available Mr Hough?
  4. By "this" are you referring to your 4-1-2-1-2 at the start of this thread or your new 4-1-2-3? If the latter, is the 4-1-2-1-2 abandoned?
  5. Mr H, I have had ok results with your tactic. Of 10 games played, 7 wins, 2 draws nd a loss. Not bad but when I was using Matt's 442, my average for the season was 9 wins and a draw. I might just need to give more time for the tactic to work I suppose but can I understand what were the results that you were getting when you tested this tactic? Particularly, does this tactic lend itself to high number of goals but also a fair number of conceded gaols or a lower number of goals but little to no conceeded. Based on the feedback so far, it seems to go both ways so I was wondering what your take on this was.
  6. Hey Knap, have been using your 99pt 442 tactic with Yeovil Town for two season and finished 9th in the 1st season and 1st in the second season. Your tactic works great in the lower leagues with two caveats (1) I used your tactic unmodified for the first ten games and had very mixed results, 4 wins, 5 losses and a draw. Too many long shots were being taken by my admittedly sub-par players. So i switched long shots to "rarely" for all positions save for my centre left midfielder who had a 14 for long shots. Things immediately looked up, more passes / crosses into the centre with shots from close distance. (2) I am convinced that what made the difference for my second season was the team talks. In the first season , all team talks were delegated to my ass man. In the second season, I took over team talks and applied the principles suggested by Wolfsong. I started the season with a 21 match unbeaten run with 19 wins and 2 draws and never looked back. Its still early days yet but hope the above helps anyone else who might want to run your tactic (which results in some of the most entertaining games I've seen) with a lower league team.
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