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  1. I'm glad i am not the only one, I was really looking forward to it being released and I bought it early and its been a big let down so i'm a bit dissapointed in it. I can't get myself to commit to a long save because of the ME.
  2. Liverpoolfan

    Wrong kits

    Sorry to derail this, I have the same problem. I did post about it a month ago, with a pkm and screenshot. I'm playing Stoke at home and i'm wearing my purple shirt. .Liverpool v Stoke.pkm
  3. Can i also add, I assume you think there isn't an issue because It does work on Comprehensive, commentary only and extended highlights, but on full match it doesn't move. just saying.
  4. I never had this many bugs on fm 18, but this one seems to be riddled with them. So i'm playing Stoke in the fa cup 4th round at home playing in my away strip. I am sorry I don't want to seem like i'm constantly moaning but I enjoy this game but not so much with this one so far and I want to.. Liverpool v Stoke.pkm
  5. I am on about the possession bar at the bottom. Why is it like that when possession stats on the match stats screen say different? Sorry i don't get it. This is only a problem on full match, it works when i put it on commentary only and I rather play the game in full match than having to change it to suit the game. Liverpool v West Ham.pkm Celtic v Liverpool.pkm
  6. I've brought up this issue before and nothing has been done! I am fed up of it! i'm going back to fm 18 !
  7. I use full match, I find i get a better outlook on my tactics and i can tweak them during the match if its not going as I like.
  8. Game is stuck on this screen with it saying players are warming up please wait.
  9. This is the most recent game that this has happened. Liverpool v West Ham.pkm
  10. I have a similar problem and it is getting on my nerves having to set them up every game!
  11. And again same thing! that possession bar hasn't moved all game! whats the point in it being there!
  12. I've found many bugs on this game and it is getting annoying! Sorry but i'm getting fed up with these bugs and the games not been out full for long!
  13. FIrstly, it's the 'last 5 mins' bar, its all in red. yet the possesion is showing just one colour yet the other team has had some of the ball. I did change to commentary only and it started to work after that but I ain't too happy having to keep changing it so it starts to work. and the other which may not be a bug I don't know but when I click team instructions the game pauses I thought the whole point of those tabs is the game plays on while you edit and if you wanted to pause the option is there. Sorry if i am not very clear with these bugs.
  14. Since you are on the subject of talking about youth intake, first thing i did was ask for youth and training facilities to be upgraded.. I'm glad i've got a decent regen goalie, i'll be developing him, Got Timo Horn so he's already tutoring him.
  15. I had a similar group to that in my first season, i got through and won the champions league. I had Atletico, Monaco and RBL. Good luck with that group though.
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