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  1. I'm glad i am not the only one, I was really looking forward to it being released and I bought it early and its been a big let down so i'm a bit dissapointed in it. I can't get myself to commit to a long save because of the ME.
  2. I use full match, I find i get a better outlook on my tactics and i can tweak them during the match if its not going as I like.
  3. Since you are on the subject of talking about youth intake, first thing i did was ask for youth and training facilities to be upgraded.. I'm glad i've got a decent regen goalie, i'll be developing him, Got Timo Horn so he's already tutoring him.
  4. I had a similar group to that in my first season, i got through and won the champions league. I had Atletico, Monaco and RBL. Good luck with that group though.
  5. I'll be selling him now. I can't use a player who doesn't want to play for my team irl in my save.
  6. I always have the window open, though i rarely buy anyone in my first season because i like to use the team i've got now and evaluate what i need. It does become difficult if you win the champions league in the first season like lol. but i've already replaced Lovren with Laporte, Keita has come in and i've got De Vrij for the second season, I kinda messed up big time with Timo Horn, he's coming in 2019 :\
  7. So Barca decided to offer me £28m for Lovren, I've decided to accept and Henderson sulked over it, but i've replaced him with Laporte. Can I ask, what is the best role for Keita? at the moment i'm using him as a mezzaia, he seems to be ok at the moment with that.
  8. I'm already scouting him, Chelsea want him but i wouldn't mind him though, he's got good stats, I hardly get a good day on fm until the weekend so its frustrating now with off season, as it takes hours for me to scout and look for replacements etc. I can't wait to finish work tomorrow for the holidays!
  9. Thanks Good luck for your 2nd season hopefully you'll go one better and win it, i'm aiming for the premier league in the 2nd season, i'm looking forward to Keita arriving I'm looking to strenghten the defence and buy a new striker.
  10. Finally finished my first season with Liverpool, finishing 4th in the table, I did what i wanted to achieve in my first year but I never expected to win the champions league, this has to be one of my best achievments in a first season, usually a fa cup or league cup but to win that so quick is something else considering the group I was in. So I thought i'd share my road to the champions league final, I had a tough group, then had a nice last 16 draw against Napoli, the next 2 rounds is where it got tough, Man city and Man Utd. The final was against Barcelona and I was so happy that Coutinho scored against them, I loved every minute of that! My aim for next season is the premier league I've already bought TImo Horn for next season, still looking for a defender though.
  11. Something that happens to me sometimes especially away games, gutted we drew but Spartak have to beat us by 4 goals at Anfield, I can't see that happening so we're pretty much through fingers crossed
  12. Sorry for the late reply, had not much time to play with having work and awkward shift pattern but this is how i'm doing, i've qualified for the knockout round with one game to go, close group but I made it. happy days
  13. I've got a tough one too, Atletico, Monaco and Red Bull Lelpzig, but good luck (y)
  14. Same on my save, i'm in my 6th year and i've only won the title twice they've won the rest. I don't understand how they seem to win games with ease, like the opposition let them win and not try.
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