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  1. That was only an option back in the preliminary chat where I told him sure, I'll offer you a new contract right away. I had every intention of giving him one, but not a 110k increase.
  2. Matic just demanded a new contract due to his importance to the team. Fair enough, you're only 30, you're on 120k and there are 2 years left on your contract. You helped us win the league. I told him sure, I'll get that handled right away. Opened the contract screen and see that his demands are 250k/week and double signing fee. No chance. I offered him 150k. He rejected. I walked out of the talks. Immediately he's unhappy, saying I didn't keep my promise about offering him an acceptable new contract. My only responses are "Sorry, it slipped my mind" or "I can't believe you've brought this up again so soon" ?????????? There really needs to be an option for "Your demands are too high. I'm willing to give you a new contract and a raise, but +108%? No chance." or "You're important to this team, but that could quickly change with those high demands"
  3. Score a large amount, but the defensive side of this is diabolical. I'm using Utd and time and time again the center backs are just aimlessly wandering around in the box and not picking up anyone. It's pretty much free header after free header for any attacking player.
  4. This tactic is going terribly for Man Utd. P14 W4 D6 L4, F:16 A:16. We average 50.12% possession, most attempts are long shots not even deemed good enough chances for a highlight. 19th on shots on target. 2nd most fouls made. 19th tackles won ratio.
  5. The bottom of the highlighted panels gets cut off. Is this because I'm using windowed mode instead of fullscreen 1920x1080?
  6. Yeah, although it was working just fine with the new skin until recently.
  7. The menubar that lists player options, such as history, training, etc, has vanished. See here: http://i.imgur.com/FKO1HYd.jpg What could cause this, and how do I bring it back?
  8. Knocking ball ahead and using pace dribble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QMTnnBUnqM Ball stuck to feet dribble: Good luck ever seeing that first goal in FM.
  9. Nope... This tactic does nothing for me. 8th after 24 games. Lost 10. Scored 23. Conceded 22. I get awesome possession and passing completion, but this tactic appears useless without worldbeating CM's. Di Maria was playing well before injury, but no-one else has done a thing. Falcao, Rooney and RvP have 14 goals between them in 55 games. It's defensively solid. Player mistakes are the main source of goals with my terrible defense, but it simply cannot make up for the poor attacking ability this tactic possesses. Edit: Switched tactics for the final 10 games of the season to Unto the Breach. W8 D1 L1. Scored 24, Conceded 5. I appreciate the great possession, passing stats and "chances" this tactic offers, but the goals simply do not come. Goals would mask my poor back line. Nothing I tried could get us scoring with this tactic.
  10. Is that a pure black background? Might hurt the eyes after a little bit. You may want to make it a little lighter, or introduce some pattern such as http://www.webtexture.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/14Black-grid-leather-and-metal-pattern-background-banner-200x200.jpg.
  11. Definitely struggling for goals as Utd with this one. Dominating possession and have a decent amount of chances, but no goals. Going to try dropping the middle striker back a bit to link up with midfield more. Edit: Made some changes and had 72% possession and 6 CCC's. Drew 0-0. Missed 2 pens. It seems my issue is not with the tactic, but the ever enjoyable random-period-where-strikers-will-not-score-for-9-games-no-matter-what.
  12. I find that I concede a lot of long shots with the narrow 4-1-2-2-1, as well as the wings being left fairly open by my Fullbacks. They like to come central when the ball is out wide, leaving the far side completely free. Would playing wider fix that second issue, and the long shots is due to a poor DM?
  13. Well, it's accurate. Maldini's goal whilst having a kick about in the back yard did not count in the Spurs vs Palace game.
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