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  1. I didn't sell him, and he's just won World Golden Ball and World Player of the Year. What a player. Edit: with Mata second in both also.
  2. Hell of an offer. Genuinely unsure what to do for once. He's turned in to an unbelievable player for me, but is hard to keep happy. He's already complained about squad depth, about Bayern being interested (they weren't) and wanting to win the CL, which I promised him we'd do this season. Edit: just noticing it's hard to see. That's £86.5m.
  3. He didn't do too bad, but he's not worth the £18m I paid. He never really puts in amazing performances, but never really has horrible games either. In the end up he finished with a 6.94 rating for the season, but he was much higher than that for a long time. Only 1 goal, and 1 assist, with no MOTM awards. Goals and assists aren't really his job, but pitching in every now and then at corners wouldn't hurt. I played him LCM with a ball-winning midfielder role, with either Blind or Fellaini sitting behind him.
  4. Not a bad first season for me. Managed to wrap up the League after a dip in form that seen me almost throw it away. Too many draws when I should of been finishing teams off. I also won the Capital One Cup. Falcao was unplayable at times, but I'm sad to say I can't afford him now. I'd love to keep him as he's a better goalscorer than Rooney, and just better than RvP in every way.
  5. Wouldn't it be lovely if they could replicate this next weekend. Edit: Januzaj may of just contracted Ebola. Is this a bug? 8-9 months? This could likely mess his whole career up on this save.
  6. Has anyone else had the percentage of players sales that goes to the transfer budget lowered? Mine is now at 25%. Kinda annoying.
  7. Few key players are looking to leave for me so far. De Gea wanted to move to PSG to play in the CL, so I asked him what reassurances he wanted if he stayed, to which he replied that he wants us to win the CL THIS season. Obviously a bug in the game since it isn't possible. He was unhappy when I told him it'll be next season, he ended up unsettling the whole squad and I had to hold a team meeting. Eventually all the players agreed with me, with the exception of Lindegaard and Rooney. De Gea eventually chilled out and signed a new 4 year contract. As for Phil Jones, Arsenal were at no point even
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