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  1. This. A million times. Was the exact same on FM14 and it is SOOO frustrating. A lot of really easy, good teamwork goals missed because of that.
  2. Yeah. That was the conclusion i got, too. Team blend. I acutally bought all the players for a 4231.. But it didn't really work, so i ended up on a 442, which has worked brilliantly ever since. 5-0 against Chelsea for example. By the way, would you use the mc's in 4231 as dm's or just right in the middle of the park?
  3. I never do 48 month deals.. They were all bought on cash up front. I actually only spent around 15 million.. The rest was due to sales. Sold Van Der Vaart for 18 and bought Hazard for 17 etc.
  4. Hazard, Vidal, Otamendi and Baines of the first XI have arrived in summer. Tevez is from jan, 1st season. I'm in november by the way. I can't decide whether to use 442 or 4231 as main tactic, though.
  5. Okay, guys. I need som serious help! My 1st season with Spurs resulted in a 3rd place with an UEFA Cup victory and a FA Cup victory. I bought some good players in summer, to help capitalise on my successful 1st season. That however, was not how it went. After reading some of the TT&? guide, i tried to improve my tactics. That haven't helped. Below is the table, my squad and my 442-tactic. I tend to switch a bit between my 442 and my 4231. None of them work though. I'm desperate for help, cause my players are starting to question my skills, and wants away. Has anyone got some tips for well functioning Spurs tactics - or tactics who would suit my squad? ************
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