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  1. I'm struggling to score goals with the tactic but it's one I want to continue with. I do quite well defensively and I haven't conceding many so far after 4 games. I tend to create anywhere from between 12 chances and 35 in a game. I was hoping you fine fellows would be able to help me with trying to turn my fortunes around.
  2. His first season on my current save he hasn't performed well at Inter
  3. I sent mine out to scout regions. I always make the scout look for players that are hot prospects with at least 3 star potential regardless of what club i'm at as there's always a variety of players and positions. For example, the best U21 left back in South America may only have 3* potential but you know of him now. I set priority to very urgent and duration to ongoing so they never stop scouting.
  4. Does anybody have any good set plays at corners? I score a few off free kicks but I struggle when it comes to corners.
  5. I've signed Moreno for my Madrid save due to the fact he's obviously from that nation, and, he seems to be performing really well.
  6. Has anyone started a save with Real Madrid yet?
  7. £10m plus £3.5m in add on fees
  8. Started my save and signed, Lukaku, Bender, Bartra, Dermarai Gray and Ajar. Lukaku is really struggling to find his feet as a TM support so I'm now going to start Giroud in his place. Bender has been struggling too, so was going to start Coquelin but he has just picked up an injury for the next 3 weeks. Most of my players have been quietly efficient but Sanchez has been poor. Play him as a IF
  9. It's not too bad tbf. I'd say it's worth a try even if you ended up not liking it
  10. If you got on to Steam, and onto the Steam Workshop for Football manager, it's on there Basically, you are worth about £1billion, but you have no players at all or no staff so everything falls on you. You begin in the Vanarama Conference South so the very bottom of the football pyramid. Good players will join you, not the world elite but at this level you just buy players to get you through the leagues and the staff are awful that will join you. The only annoying thing about this save is that the board promises are you buy high profile signings but there's none that'll join me atm. You also have a 200,000 seater stadium which for some reason my board are building me a new one without asking. I make between 10-12 million profit per month too.
  11. Has anybody else started a Steam FC save from the Steam Community? Loving this save. It's so addictive
  12. Luckily they let me rearrange the game otherwise i'd have been fuming. Neymar is so frustrating too.
  13. Grimaldo has played roughly 25 games for me this season with an average rating of around 7.58. Let me know if you find then other players For the first time ever, i've requested that a league game of mine be postponed as it's a rearranged mate which has been rearranged for when 12 of my players are away on international duty.
  14. I have Patric and Grimaldo as back up full backs and they do a good job and I promoted them from the youth set up as they're already there. Nearing the end of my 3rd season now but have a look at Halilovic (spelling may be wrong) but he starts in the Under 19's and looks very promising
  15. Just gone 36 games unbeaten in all competitions. But that came to an abrupt end. Beat Valencia 4-1 in the Spanish Cup 1st leg of the semi final, only to be beat 5-0 in the 2nd leg. Safe to say I was livid
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