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  1. my mens team in a comfortable first, womens in a shocking 14th. grim.
  2. Willy Wonka

    The £2 > £1000 Challenge.

    Team/Person to win: Niort -1 Team/Person to lose: Orleans Price taken: 15/8 Potential Return: £5.75 Bookmaker: Paddy Power
  3. Willy Wonka

    OTF student thread

    struggling with my course and getting fobbed off by my teachers. epic comedown/hangover leading to losing the will to pursue friends. sucks.
  4. Willy Wonka

    OTF student thread

    anyone having a totally **** time?
  5. Willy Wonka

    TV Series You Are Currently Watching

    think it's been quite good. complaint would be a lack of jokes/wit rather than just awkward situations and idiocy.
  6. word. can't stand the tweak she does at the end of every line either.
  7. Willy Wonka

    Ed Sheeran

    my friend is his bestie. i've met him a few times. i do not like his music.
  8. yeah i got mine through yesterday.
  9. how d'you check your rollover % on 32red?
  10. quicker if you do instant i think.
  11. just cashed out with £250.00 from caesars. ta Jorg.
  12. xtra factor more entertaining than usual! could be a goer lads.