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  1. sort your priorities out mate. fm > exams.
  2. I've decided to start this as a long term save. I've chosen Queens University, purely because they have a youth academy. Things have started fairly well, although my tactics appear to have been figured out. Maybe time for a change. A slight probelm for me is that no players appear in the reserve squad when relegated there, is this a problem fixed by later patches?
  3. [FM11] Not another Journeyman career...

    2011 Season, Umedalen After taking over a side comfortably first in the league on an 8 game unbeaten streak, I expected a fairly routine promotion. Cue dreadful start and barely scraping enough points to win the league. League Table Fixtures Still we did it, which was nice. Taking 5 games to win was disconcerting, but 5 games unbeaten to end the season was lovely, and gave me a bit of hope for next year. Squad I’m pretty sure I’ll need to bring in a whole new first XI next year, because most of these guys suck ass. Maybe a tactical rethink too. Finances This can only get better. Or worse. Probably worse. Transfers I needed to bring in some new faces, but I feel signing players was counter productive, as it took them a while to settle. Also, from 5 star scout reports most seemed to have been shocking. Promotion in my first season is all well and good, but under my reign we hardly looked like champions. Bar the 5-0 win we were played off the park every week. But onwards and upwards, I’ll strengthen and I could surge even further up the Swedish ladder. * *this will not happen.
  4. [FM11] Not another Journeyman career...

    6.7.2010, Hired by Umedalen (I realise this is Orange and doesn't fit with the club colours, but the yellow is really something else..) Didn’t take long for a job offer, indeed only a week as Swedish Second Division side Umedalen offered me the job. I imagine their previous manager had moved on to bigger and better things, because we’re top of the league and cruising. Should be a fairly gently introduction, allowing me room for error and the chance to sign some better players for next year. League Table Squad The team looks fairly strong for the division, although I’m not sure I trust the judgement of my assistant.
  5. That's exactly what it is boys and girls, I can only apologise for my unoriginality. After having a great time, and my fair share of success with a journeyman career on FM10, I’ve decided to have another go this year. I lost interest in the thread I started last time around but I've matured, and with a little hard work I truly believe, with your help, I can do better this year! I don’t have any interest managing outside of Europe, so this is the setup I’ve gone for. Annoyingly, I left out two of my favourite leagues, Holland and Germany, and for absurd reasons chose Sweden and Belgium, two countries I have no interest in on a footballing level, or any other capacity. Loyalty has never been my strong point, be it in Football Manager or my personal life, so expect a high turnover of clubs as I inevitably get bored after a season or three. I’d like the chance to manage in every country, although that probably won’t be possible. I've started unemployed, with a Sunday League reputation. Let the fun begin..
  6. [FM11] Revie was my hero.

    This is a brilliant career, nice to see someone who doesn't instantly rocket up the leagues, more realistic this way. Promotion just round the corner though, so good luck!
  7. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Cheers Quavis. It was the Johnstone's Paint Trophy though .
  8. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    FC United of Manchester - npower League 2 - 2014/15 Season After a dull season last time around, I wanted promotion and nothing else this year. Table Graph Automatic promotion was never really in doubt. We got within 3 points of Bradford at one stage, but poor form effectively ended our title hopes. Nice to get promoted with such ease though and it gives me hope for next year. JP Trophy We finally acheived some cup success, sneaking our way through the rounds to convincingly win the final over League 1 leaders Plymouth. Squad The squad was much stronger than last year, and my spanish contingent have finally settled in. The input of Serrano, Adan and 'keeper were key to promotion. Finances Still going strong. Training and Youth facilities have been upgraded. Transfers Some promising youngsters brought it, and more quality added where it was needed. Best XI Spot on. Gonna put this save on ice for a few weeks I think, started my season in League 1 and it's not entertaining me as it was. Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 Blue Square South 2nd Promoted through playoffs 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions 2013/14 npower League 2 12th 2014/15 npower League 2 2nd Promoted, JPT winners
  9. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    FC United of Manchester - League 2 - 2013/14 Season In a word, dull. Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 Blue Square South 2nd Promoted through playoffs 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 1st Champions 2013/14 npower League 2 12th
  10. Well done pal, great to get promoted after only 4 seasons.
  11. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Started a lot better than I have in League 2. We can't seem to score this year. How many players did you bring in?
  12. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Made it through to the 3rd round of the FA Cup for the first time. Given a home draw against Bolton. urgh.
  13. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Borini seems like quite a signing, Jordan. He's currently worth £2.5m and playing regularly at Sporting Lisbon on my save. Currently scored 8 and conceded 8 in my first 15 League 2 games.
  14. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Wowsers, the step up to League 2 is looking sharp at the moment. 5 straight losses to start the season, our through balls are looking amateur and we look generally inept.
  15. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Mid table BSS? Good luck with that