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  1. Littlehampton Town - English Isthmian League First Division South - 2011/12 Season 3 We didn't get much quality through this year, but the step up wasn't great, quality wise, and we managed to comfortably acheive a playoff place. We never had a hope of winning the title, but if our away performances had been anything like as good as our home form, we may have had a chance. To go unbeaten at home for the entire campaign was something special, but winning only 3 games away was a drag. Table Progress Playoff Semi Playoff Final Both playoffs were really good games, and both bloody tense ones. The win against Sittingbourne was the best of my career so far, coming from two goals down was superb. Jewell had been disappointing for most of the season, but was brilliant in both games. Squad We're very thin on the ground throughout the team. The centre backs are the only players with any real experience, and Duffy was brilliant all season. I played without wingers this year and occasionally we failed to break teams down, but luckily Harding was absoloutely incredible. Really, it's unbelievable to have such a prolific striker at this level, and I'm not sure how there was such an improvement in his goalscoring ratio. His partner, Sharp was OK, not quite living up to the potential that I expected, but still, hopefully in the future he and Harding will develop a great partnership. Just behind then, Jewell was hotly tipped, but suffered a lot of injuries which obviously stilted his development. Finance Another decent profit, but we need some cup money to push on for better facilities. Youth Intake Vine The only player singled out this year, although a couple of others will get first team action. Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/10 Sussex County League Division 2 1st Promoted, Sussex CLD2 Challenge Cup 2010/11 Sussex County League Division 1 2nd Promoted via playoffs, FA Cup 3rd Round 2011/12 Isthmian League First Division South 4th Promoted via playoffs
  2. Very unlucky Mark, but as you say, if the core of your squad remains together I'm sure you can bounce straight back up. And please don't quit.
  3. Sir Alex eat your heart out, my Littlehampton side have just scored a 98th minute winner, after 3 minutes of injury time were announced. :*)
  4. Littlehampton Town - English Sussex County League Division One- 2010/11 Season 2 This was a challenging season for me, and I very nearly lost the will to continue the save. I stuck with it though, and just about managed promotion. Table Progress It was very much a season of three parts. The first third was dominated by our cup exploits, making the 3rd Round of the FA Cup was a higlight, but we had replays in most matches, which meant at one point we had 6 games in hand. The second part of the season saw us hit great form and charge up the table, gaining an 11 point lead and a seemingly impregnable hold on the title. The final third of the season saw us bomb, losing a huge amount of games, and drawing the others. Our confidence was shot, and I held little hope of winning the playoff, but we managed it thanks to a 116th minutes winner. Form Cup Competitions The cup competitions were a mixed bag, again we underperformed in the FA Vase, a trophy I'd love to win, but the FA Cup run was great. I made £50k in gate receits from the home tie against L1 Blackpool. Squad The real area for concern now is central defence. Up front no one at this level is any good, so that's gravy, and especially with the new youth players in midfield, that's the area we're strongest in. The player of the season was Bennett, who played across the back four and whose average rating was remarkable. Mercer, in defensive midfield, was picked as the player most likely to suceed this year, but he hasn't made good on his potential. Finance The Blackpool game really boosted me, but there's still a long was to go until we have enough to improve facilities. Youth Intake Jewell YP1 Sharp YP2 These two were picked as the stars from this years modest youth intake, and Jewell especially is a welcome addition to the squad, and allows me to revert to a narrow diamond formation which has served me so well in the lower leagues in the past. [font=Arial] [/font]Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009/10 Sussex County League Division 2 1st Promoted, Sussex CLD2 Challenge Cup 2010/11 Sussex County League Division 1 2nd Promoted through playoffs, FA Cup 3rd Round
  5. Oh my god, congratulations Mark! Incredible that you've reached the Prem, really and outstanding acheivment.
  6. Littlehampton Town - English Sussex County League Division Two - 2009/2010 Season I actually completed this season several months ago, but have only just rediscovered the save, and I thought I'd give an update on my progress. Table Progress We were far from convincing throughout the year, but came good at the right time, with a 12 game unbeaten run at the end of the season which sealed the title. Squad I prefer to play without wingers, but the squad has no DM and no AM, so I'm forced to. At the back we were solid, but I was chopping and changing all season as my Assman struggled to make up his mind as to who was actually good enough for the team. In midfield, the standout performer was Crawford, who was our top assister, and my only representitive in the player of the year competition. On the right, I have two quality players, Marsden and Montague, but the former was the better player this year. We wouldn't have got promoted, or done half as well in cup competitions, has it not been for the goals of Tom Harding, who almost managed 20 this year. Top effort. Cup Competitions - We won the Sussex County League Division Two Challeneg Cup but that was as good as it got in the cups. We were knocked out early in everything else. Finance Probably the most important part of the early part of this challenge, as I need to bulk up my finances in order to improve facilities. I didn't do too well this time around, but with the FA Cup next year, hopefully we can pump some funds into the club and get the ball rolling. Hopefully this years youth intake will provide a new centre back, and some versatile midfielders. I won't hold my breath.
  7. Some guy on the last page got to BSP, but I'm pretty sure he cheated. No one really got very far this year, but hfbfcrule is doing fairly well.
  8. No, no one has ever completed it, Marky Mark! is the closest, he's vying for promotion from the Championship.
  9. C'mon The Wings, they need Carruthers in to pick them up off the bottom. Great start Crouchie.
  10. Good going Mark, you seem to be fairly comfortable in the Championship now. Is there any chance of a new stadium to boost your finances? Good to see you back Steyboyuk, hopefully you can have some success.
  11. Sorry to accuse you so rudely, it is plausible that you're just very good. Out of interest, how comes you're finances are so good? For a team at your level, which I am with my Welling side, we seem to ship money every month.
  12. No evidence of transfers, finances, his squad. I can see how he could rise through the divisions so fast, up to the BSN anyway, but to be promoted first time from there is ludicrous, especially if those youngsters are indicative of the quality of his side. Fifth round of the FA Cup? Rubbish.
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