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  1. I got rid of Eboue, Diaby and Squillaci as well. I sold Eboue just because I could get good money for him, Diaby because he can't go more than two matches without injury and Squillaci because he started to struggle a bit. Vela is still around for me, but is struggling for game time and the same is true of Rosicky. Denilson has become a regular for Brazil in my save, but not for me, and as such, is off on loan at Udinese. With this in mind, I definitely think that they're all players you could do without, although I'd be tempted to keep Vela around just in case he becomes a gun over time. I quite like the look of Emmanuel-Thomas as well, and Varane is turning into a real beast in my save, so it looks like you'r emoving in the right direction
  2. Chamakh has been dreadful for me as well, and is yet to score this season, so I've just put Walcott into the lone striking position and he's banging them in. I would play RvP, but he's been sent off twice in consecutive games (league and CL) and, upon finally returning to the first team, has just been injured and is out for another 3 weeks. I'm seriously considering selling Chamakh and then bringing in Bent because he is just a goal and assist machine in the league. Not sure if we would do as well for me, but it could be worth a shot.
  3. Yeah, would've been much worse losing a cup final in that fashion as opposed to a league match, but losing the CL final to Spurs? Would absolutely hate that. I just managed to beat them in the league, and I was pretty fortunate because Varane got himself sent off on about the 60 minute mark, but luckily we hel on to the 1-0 advantage. Don't know what it is this season, but I'm getting reds all over the place. RvP just slid in wildly when we were 3-0 up to earn a straight red, hopefully it's a trend that doesn't continue. I'm in my 3rd season, and I've kept Lansbury around just because he's good some nice stats and my scouts think he could become a leading prem midfielder (3 star potential). I have no idea what his actual potential is, but I think he looks like he could definitely be a good player at this point in my game. As such, I'm slowly trying to give him the odd match in the first team, but I might need to loan him out again if he just starts to rot in the reserves. Ebecilio looks okay as well.
  4. Reminds me of the EPL game I just played against Chelsea yesterday, we had 18 shots to their 3, as well as 64% of possession, but still went down 2-1.
  5. Decided to get Butland in the end as he was cheap and my scouts like his potential, thanks for the tip By the way, it's pretty impressive that you managed to get Smithies an England cap whilst he's back-up keeper, kind of reminds me of how Denilson got a Brazil cap despite playing about 5-10 games over the course of last season. I also have the same concerns about not having a keeper on the bench, luckily it hasn't hurt me thus far. Funnily enough, though, I accidently stuffed up when using the quick sub feature during the community shield, and ended up replacing Adler with Wellington Silva for the last 10 minutes. Luckily he didn't have to make a save and we ended up winning 3-1, but it was a little worrying. Just played my first league match as well, and ended up beating B'ham 1-0 through a Biabiany goal. I wouldn't normally play him, but since Walcott and Wilshere are away at the Olympics, it was very handy to have him in the squad to play on the right side.
  6. Great season Smithies looks like he's coming on very nicely for you as a back-up keeper, might have a look at him in my game as, Adler aside, I've totally neglected the keeper situation in my save. I don't even play with a back-up keeper on the bench most of the time, so yeah, should probably look to address that.
  7. I play Nasri as an inside forward with attack duty in the AML slot, and he is really good for me in that role, so I would suggest trying that. As for the defence, I think Musacchio is a fantastic player. In his two seasons for me, he's had an average rating of 7.44 and 7.40, and I really haven't been able to fault his efforts. Admittedly, he got so many starts because of injury to Vermaelen, but his pace is really useful for dealing with quick defences, and his technical ability is useful too given that he's playing for Arsenal. I also quite like Varane too. I'm a bit torn on whether or not to sell Koscielny, though. He was great in my first season, but I went all out and snapped up Chiellini for season 2, and as such, he doesn't play much these days, especially now that Musacchio has gone past him as well. I was certain I was going to sell him, but then in the European Championship he made the dream team, so I'm not exactly sure what to do with him. As for GKs, I had Sergio Romero in my first season, and he did a very good job, although he is perhaps a little bit too eccentric in some ways. As a result of that, I upgraded to Adler for season 2, and it was well worth it, he's an absolutely amazing GK and is a great tutor as well due to his personality. I was also thinking about buying Lloris, but Adler was a lot cheaper, so I went with him.
  8. Yeah, you have to be pretty careful with RvP and Rosicky when trying to re-introduce them after injury, at least in my experience anyway. How are others finding the Arsenal youth players? I have no idea whether they have good potential or not, but Ebecilio and Wellington Silva look like great prospects and Lansbury has developed quite well for me too. Coquelin and JET have dominated during their loan spells too, so hopefully some of those guys will be first-team quality in the future.
  9. Well, I've just wrapped up the league with two matches remaining. It was getting pretty tight for a while there as Tottenham were just refusing to do anything other than win, but eventually they slipped up first against Burnley with a draw and then against Man Utd with a loss, so that cleared the way for me to thrash Wigan 5-0 to secure the title. Unfortunately, the CL continues to elude me. I was 3-2 up on aggregate against R. Madrid in the semi final, feeling confident of a trip to the final, then out of nowhere Ozil slipped in behind the defence and made it 3-3, causing me to crash out on away goals. Hopefully next year I can finally win it, but I have to admit that the two Spanish giants are proving very difficult to beat over two legs. Might go into more detail later once I actually finish the last two league matches, but that's all for now. On Fabregas, I also struggle to get him to perform well, but he is still a vital cog in my midfield. I play him as a Central Midfielder on Support duty, and he normally just goes about his business assisting the team in retaining possession, which is basically the foundation of the way I play. In that sense, he does what is required of him, but not much more than that. He did score two within five minutes in my last match against Wigan, but that was definitely a one-off. Perhaps next year I will try a tactic which makes use of 3 CMs so he can actually act as the major playmaker in the side, but I'll have to think about it given the wealth of AMC talent available to me.
  10. Cheers, I managed to win against Spurs 3-1, so I've opened up a small gap on them at the top of the table, which is pleasing. It was a pretty tight match. I went up early through Wilshere, but about two minutes later Defoe got one back for them. Chamakh then scored an ugly goal after a goalmouth scramble, and WIlshere completed the victory late with a powerful finish, so all in all, a good performance. Unfortunately, though, Vermaelen is now out for 2 months, so we're a bit short in defence as Arsene would say. Not sure if you've played your match against Spurs yet, but hope it goes well in any case. There would be nothing more satisfying than to thump them in a CL final
  11. Yeah, I agree with that. For example, I'm assuming Denilson doesn't have the greatest potential, but he's doing a really good job for me at the moment whilst I have injuries to my CMs. Good luck with the CL final, by the way, should be an amazing game. While we're talking about Spurs, I'm actually locked in an epic struggle for the league title with them and Man City at the moment, with only 3 points between the three sides. I have to play Cardiff in my next league match, but following that, I face Tottenham at home, so that will be a vital match that will go some way towards deciding the champion. Can't wait, this season has actually been the most exciting I've ever played in all of my years of FM gaming.
  12. Phil Jones looks pretty good on my game, but I've found Musacchio to be an absolute star for me throughout the course of my save so far. I'm slightly concerned about his determination, but hopefully it will start to go up soon whilst Vermaelen is tutoring him. EDIT: Just won against Chelsea 3-0 to put me right back in the title race. Unfortunately, Tottenham refuse to lose at the moment, so I'm still 6 points behind them, but hopefully they can't keep this momentum going all season long. Musacchio actually popped up for his first goal of the season in that match, and Nasri ran from within his own half to score our first goal as well, so all in all, it was quite an eventful match.
  13. Well, further to my earlier post, I've decided that I will need to get a new forward, as Chamakh is playing absolutely terribly in place of the injured RvP. He just can't put the ball in the back of the net, and that is part of the reason why I'm struggling to finish off opposition at the moment. Vela's 90th minute winner against City has put us back in contention (6 points off the league lead), but it has been really hard going in my second season, which is in contrast to my first year, given that I managed to win the league with about 5-6 games remaining. Having said that, I managed to win all 6 group games in the CL, so at least that is going well.
  14. Well, after an indifferent start to season 2 (early loss to Everton included), everything is back on track and going well as we've finally got some momentum going in the league. I sold Diaby, Traore and Eboue as I managed to get some good money for them. I purchased Adler and Chiellini to strengthen up what was a somewhat leaky defence at times last year, but apart from that, I haven't brought in any other first team starters, and instead, I opted to focus on youth. I'm particularly pleased with Antoine Griezmann so far, given that he has managed to step into the first team pretty competently when needed. Unfortunately, though, I just lost RvP for 6 months, so I'm thinking that it might be time to buy another gun striker, but I'm not sure who yet. Rossi, Welliton and Babacar seem to be good options, but I've still got Chamakh and Vela, as well as Castaignos and Wellington Silva coming along nicely too, so I'll have to think about it when January comes around.
  15. I've almost finished my first season, only about five meaningless games left as I've already wrapped up the league. In addition to winning the league, I also won the league cup, winning 2-0 against Chelsea in the final. As for the CL, I got through a tough group pretty easily and accounted for Twente in the first knockout stage, but following that, I drew Barca and although we played well, it just wasn't quite enough. In the first leg, I went 1-0 up early thanks to Arshavin, but they equalised late through Dani Alves. It came out of nowhere really, and the away goal was what killed us, as the second leg was 0-0 and I was booted out on away goals. The FA Cup was also pretty pathetic for me, to be honest, as I lost to Everton 1-0 in the semi finals. Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with my first year. I only made one major change to the starting XI by signing Sergio Romero, and Almunia is the only player I've sold so far, even though I'm probably going to move Bendtner on in the next transfer window because I don't think I'll be able to fit him in. I don't think I'll snap up many new players either, but I will focus on bringing in some young players and maybe a gun to play either AMC or AMR, given that Arshavin and Rosicky are getting on a bit. I'm not sure what to do about the CB situation, though. Vermaelen has been a touch disappointing, but Koscielny and Musacchio (from Villarreal) have been outstanding for the entire campaign, so I'll have to think about whether it is worth buying another established player in this position or whether I should just focus on those I already have. I may well sell Djourou as his determination is pretty low and he can't break into the team. It's been a fun season in any case, and I'm enjoying playing with the players already at the club rather than losing the identity of the team by selling heaps of players and bringing in heaps of others to replace them. Can't wait for next year
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