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  1. When you see a footballer who is about to come off the bench, and you wonder why the manager isn't saying 'I have faith in your ability' to him.
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate your effort I don't think the version would be a factor though, as I have Excel 2003 and it successfully converted the file.
  3. Good to see you doing another teamtalk guide, great job so far and I'm looking forward to the rest of it as well
  4. Justified, just a quick question, will these tactics be classic or made using the new tactics creator? Thanks
  5. This looks like it will be a really good thread, will follow with interest
  6. My scouts think he could be a leading Ligue 1 striker in the future, so his potential ability must be at least reasonably good you would think.
  7. I'm playing with Lille on the new patch, and Belfodil is absolutely incredible for his age. You should definitely focus on developing this kid if possible, as he could be elite
  8. Just a quick one, have any of you guys tried out Payet from St. Etienne? He looks like a pretty solid winger, so I'm thinking of buying him for one of my other saves. Also, do you have any other suggestions for Left Wingers (AML)? Thanks
  9. You've done well to get Gourcuff at what looks to be a relatively affordable price. I would also be interesting to hear how Feghouli goes for you
  10. Reading through this thread is really making me want to start a Lyon game, but I'm still leaning towards Hoffenheim at the moment. In any case, how does Clement Grenier look in this game? He was a bit of a star for my Swansea side in FM09.
  11. I had him for my Swansea side, he performed pretty well for me, and on occasion did some very exceptional things. I sold him after one season because Man Utd made a ridiuclous offer for him. I was quite happy with him, and he played well consistently, but I was expecting more from him. It could have been due to the fact he needed more time to adapt to the English game, but I just thought he'd perform a little better than he did, and produce some of that Brazilian flair. In any case, a good signing, and if he doesn't perform he should be easily sold for a tidy profit.
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