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  1. The fact that the player may be too important to the team may be valid as I have a pretty small first team squad at the moment. I am however surprised the option ' Send on Coaching Course' is not there though. I would imagine that the board would reject it for that reason. I am not aware how SI intended this to work within game mechanics though.
  2. That would be fair enough if I got a message from my board which I used to get but now the option does not even appear saying send on coaching course. So my board do not even get the chance to reject it for any reason. If somebody from SI could shed some light that would be great.
  3. Nope only difference is that he has a staff profile now and is studying for his continental C. Only other thing could be that the board for one reason or another will only allow one player at a time to be trained but I don't know why. I will check once he finishes his coaching badge but seems like it may be a bug unless somebody else can shed some more light on the situation. If it was the budget I would still be able to offer to send on a coaching course and the board would refuse due to the financial restraints. Just seems like the option is not being generated any more.
  4. I have literally 10 players that I cannot c=train to be coaches that are 28 or over. I do however have Begovic my sub keeper who I'm able to train. I used to be able to have unto three plyers training at the same time now I have this issue. Previously if the player said they had no interest in taking up a role within football or similar I would have the option to ask my board but they would refuse as the player does not have an interest in pursuing coaching or similar.
  5. These are the only two available options. Ae you talking about fm`7 as I remember the option on previous versions.
  6. This is the whole list of conversation options
  7. There is n option to speak to players about future plans. I seen an SI employee state on a thread about the beta that the option to send on a coaching course comes up for players who are 28 or over subject to a few other conditions. If anyone can shed any light on what these conditions are that would be great.
  8. What are the conditions that give a player the option to send them on a coaching course? I know they need to be 28 or over but not all players have the option to send them.
  9. I've had to upload t to the bugs forum and save file has been passed onto the development team.
  10. That system of choosing an affiliate already works but once you've been with the club for a while it gives you an option to choose a club yourself. Once you get that offer you can choose any club but it gives you a longer suggested list. This is what is not working.
  11. When your board lets you select a club to affiliate with how long does it take before you get a decision or confirmed link?
  12. On the quick pick menu that your ass man choses what exactly is the difference on pick rotation squad between single rotation more rotation and full rotation as in how it works. Thanks
  13. Ok I will turn them off and confirm then turn them on and confirm again to check. I had previously checked the responsibilities screen as that is where I set each staff member to their task. Hopefully this will work though
  14. I have my assistant manger giving me fortnightly advice on the backroom team. As of yet I have not had any advice at all does that mean that there is no issues with the team? When I have had previous saves I get advice on advancing coaches coaching badges and filling positions or replacing staff members. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  15. In regards to the ground shared stadiums it depends on the agreement ie some own it and rent to the other club which could include maintenance in the rent or have it charged separately so it depends on the agreement in place. There are different grass compounds on fm don't think they have 3g specifically but I know they have synthetic and grass. Could be a trademark issue. I think fm would make the club choose to leave I doubt you can kick them out but this would be a board level issue so wouldn't affect us as a manager. I would imagine that a rented stadium cannot be expanded
  16. Thanks I'm half way through the year and so far have only been allowed one so seemed a bit slower than I'm used to on previous versions tbh
  17. Hi exactly as the post states. I am playing as Man Utd who start with no affiliate clubs and these have always been a big part of my scouting network and money spinners with commercial links. Thanks in advance.
  18. Thanks FrazT that is very usefull info I still image that the Junior coaching and youth recruitment may downgrade at a larger rate just due to the nature of these tasks but I do hope it only happens in this scale.
  19. Thank you is there any idea how long different thing degrade then? I'm more interested in the youth recruitment and junior coaching tbh all other facilities make sense that they need maintaining.
  20. Hey I am just curious is facilities get downgraded or deteriorate over time. I am aware that if the club gets into financial difficulty then they will lose funding but am curious whether you need to occasionally ask the board to invest more into them. I am asking as I have all my training and youth recruitment etc up to the maximum level. Thanks in advance.
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