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  1. Alright, simple question... Just wondering how do you add a Image t a thread with out posting a lin to view it, Basically the picture shows as soon has you open the thread. Thankss, Sorry if i posted in the wrong place
  2. Erm.. for all those moaners out there i think there should be a difficuly setting (Easy - Medium - Hard) Easy woulld mean you sign players easier a bit more transfer budget, a bit more reputation and attributes & so on (Medium would be the difficulty of the game now)
  3. Hey Tug_NCFC... I'm managing Norwich City, Season 1 but i'm not doing well at all... Im sitting in 20th place after 16 game's I use your training schedule, I'm not saying that it's your schedule that's making me lose it's probs my tacics or something, But iv'e noticed my player stats aren't improving they are getting worse. Is this because im losing games? or should they improve despite Winning/Losing? Any help Thankss
  4. Yeahhh good idea... It could spur your team on as well... Cause in real life the fans are the most important thing to do with the club
  5. 1.) (Tactics) When you move players on the team positions screen you can't relly move them where you want to. It would be better if you could put them anywhere on the pitch you wanted, & i mean everywhere. 2.) Make the 3D match engine better, EG: better graphics (Movement) make the players have there own style of running and kicking the ball, Unique celebrations maybe? 3.) Whilst playin a game, You should be able to have commends availble, Eg: In Lma Manager you could shout, Attack!, Keep The Ball! & So On... 4.) You should be able to watch your players/team train in full 3d...
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