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  1. The games won in a row stat at top of the centre list. Unless I am interpreting it wrong, but surely to the left you can see arsenal have a run of WWWXD so they would at least be classed as having won 3 in a row, instead UTD sit alone having won 2 in a row. All other teams appear to have won 1.
  2. 31 games into the first season and have just noticed the 'games won in a row' stat have not added up correctly.......... '
  3. quirkovski

    FM15 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    Downloaded megapack 7.0 and then the update file. When trying to add the update file to copy and paste over the main file it takes hours, anybody know why it takes so long to replace all the updates? On a Mac Mini on yosemitie.
  4. can't get this to work on my mac mini. does anybody have a working info.plist file for fm2012 that I can download?
  5. My first game, i won 9-0 in the Europa qualifier at Anfield. Torres scored all 9.
  6. Looking forward to it appearing in the UK store. great game that suits the iphone perfectly.