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  1. 1) Did you make all players' nationality Soviet? 2) What happened to all the post-Soviet nations?
  2. I'm trying to make Eastern European U-21 Championship. The problem I've got is it draws senior teams, not U21 teams into my competition. How can I tell the game to draw U21 national teams? I have the competition set as U21 International Finals and I asked to pick specific teams (and here a list of all EE nations). I thought it would pick U21s automatically, but it didn't. So - can anyone help? Anyone tried junior international competitions?
  3. Educated guess: FA Trophy Cup is set to "main domestic cup", while Citizens Bank Cup to "cup". It's editors' fault that competitions set to just "cup" don't record history (that's what erniesouchak told me on Polish message board). So - try to change your Citizens Bank Cup type from "cup" to "domestic league cup" or even to second "domestic main cup", or even "club finals". Just don't use "cup".
  4. I'll re-ask my question. Anyone tried adding parent/child competitions in the advanced panel and wants to share his .xml?
  5. I was always doing ranking levels like: FINAL: 0 - 1 SEMIS: winners 0 to 1, losers 2 QUARTERS: winners 0 to 3, losers 4 Thanks for fixing my file U got a big beer if you're ever in Poland.
  6. Has anyone been messing with the parent/multiple competitions in The Panel? I wonder how you made that work. Can anyone show me such file?
  7. I did it. And still no winners recorded. Here is the file. Can you take a look? In my other file it works. Can it be the fault of a bigger number of clubs? http://www.wielki.mrowkojad.com/munuWIP.xml And another question: How do I get a comp listed under "Europe" /not this file, don't get confused/ and not under a nation? How do I make it visible regardless of what league is selected? (and I don't mean changing existing international comps but ADDING one...)
  8. You didn't enter or mis-entered the number of matches in a stage. If it's for example a round of 16 teams, it should be "number of matches: 8".
  9. And in the next stage, did you set in "TEAMS" bookmark: GET TEAMS QUALIFIED FROM STAGE /stage number/ /your comp name/ Group Stage ?
  10. Set cup fates like this: type: QUALIFY FOR STAGE (or sth like this) round: here enter the round FROM (!!) which they will qualify, not to which! who: WINNING TEAM main stage: main stage of where they have to qualify TO sub stage: as above (sub) so for example: type: QUALIFY FOR STAGE round: second preliminary roun who: WINNING TEAM main stage: Group stage sub stage: /leave empty/ Somehow (il?)logically I was entering it other way round and I had the same problem like you.
  11. http://www.wielki.mrowkojad.com/stage.xml Put it into \editor\data\format\rule group and see *** I've just recreated the old Champions League with all ranking levels and history works fine. BUT... from inactive leagues, it always takes the same teams (as if the game judged champions from "last position" field in the editor and didn't overwrite those after the season ends in inactive leagues).
  12. Only for the final. I tried with all stages before and still nothing. @stage: see above, someone posted it
  13. @Mrt90: You gotta edit the stages.xml file in your editor folder and enable them. OK, my newest experiment: 1) Nation called "World" created in Oceania instead of extinct South Vietnam 2) Using advanced panel I created some competitions: a) Stray Club Championship (consisting of teams grouped in "A Premier Division" with highest reputation) b) Stray Second Division (the name has it all...) c) Ultra Mega Hyper Cup And let's talk abot UMHC for a while: Structure: 1) Preliminary stage => First Prel. Round, Second Prel. Round (200 teams altogether) 2) Group stage (18 groups of 8 teams) => 36 best teams are promoted 3) Second stage => First Round, Second Round => 9 teams left 4) Second group stage (1 group of 9) => first two teams are promoted 5) Final PROBLEMS I NEED YOU TO HELP ME WITH AFTER DOWNLOADING AND OPENING THE FILE: 1) There is no media prediction in the league and all boards want me to win the championship (LEAGUES) 2) No past winners saved (UMHC) => they are in the leagues, but not in the big cup Download link: http://www.wielki.mrowkojad.com/untitled.xml
  14. You need to set FATE ACTIONS in the preliminary round, so that the teams get promoted. Anyone can help with the history problem?
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