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  1. Best piece of business was also Leon Goretzka, on a free for Newcastle. Cleaned up at the annual awards in his first season (Footballer of the Year, Players' Player of the Year and Players' Young Player of the Year). At the end of the first season he got a fat pay rise to remove a release clause, and his value shot up to 64m pounds with the big clubs sniffing. I will hold out for as much as I can, but fear I will ultimately lose him. No doubt my best piece of business ever.
  2. Just wondering how people have gone with training the likes of Shelvey, Diame and Ritchie out of the Long Shots PPM? I have got "Shoot Rarely instruction for my three CMs, but still get them shooting from 30 yards away. I don't want to tell my wingers to shoot rarely, because of how I play, but Ritchie blazes away from anywhere!!!
  3. Ended up being seven weeks and a couple of days before the embargo was lifted - and all for a consortium who injected zero capital into the club. In other news, my coach is still unable to pass his course, and every week I get notification that he has been given more time to complete it. I'd sack him just to get rid of the messages, but he's a 5 star coach and I only have two of them...
  4. Sorry if this has been covered - I tried searching to no avail. I am currently under a transfer embargo because my club is in the process of a takeover. I have had many takeovers over many iterations of the game, but the current transfer embargo of more than a month seems excessive and I am starting to worry (one of my coaches has been given more time to finalise his qualifications for more than a year now and I'm pretty sure a bug is at play) Indeed, I have already seen one takeover collapse the day after the embargo was put in place. I understood an embargo was used at the very final stages of the takeover process, and it strikes me that more than a month under embargo is neither realistic no good business practice if transfer targets are slipping away because of it... What is the longest embargo other users have seen?
  5. This is one of the things I am trying to do - and to that end I have purchased a player who "Moves into channels" to play up front. I have to say it's very frustrating to try and isolate one particular issue only to be told that it can't be isolated. I know my attacking play is deeply flawed - that is what I'm trying to resolve. Similar to what wereldbol said, I find it very difficult to accept that players in trouble are going to choose the one option they've been specifically instructed not to use. And it's not just PPM's, or low decisions or low composure problems. It's more broad than that. It's all players although, of course, as I experiment with worse and worse players (through dropping those who refuse to follow instructions) I get dominated in games which leads to fewer chances and thus devaluing the experiment. As a long time customer, I'm finding this season's iteration the most infuriating yet, and you can talk about how rewarding it is to "crack it", or win it but the time investment required to understand things like this outweighs the potential gratification.
  6. Sorry - forgot to mention. There are no players in my team with and long-range shooting, except the free-kick taker who "Hits Free Kicks With Power". (I don't sign long range shooters, and I sell/drop to reserves any that I start with)
  7. I'm trying to stop my players from taking long shots (as part of a larger experiment - the how and why isn't at issue here ) - and I was hoping for some assistance. For the purposes of this experiment, I have chosen the team tactic of "Work ball into box" solely because it conflicts with "Shoot on sight", which is what they seem to do with no shout. (The starting team mentality is "counter") I have then gone through the player tactics and given every single player (except the keeper) the "Shoot less often" instruction. However, I am still having half of my shots being classed as "Long shots". I can appreciate that some are direct free kicks, but I'm going spare trying to stop them from blazing away. Can anyone please advise me how to stop this? I remember making a post regarding last year's iteration (or maybe the year before) that we needed a button for "If you take a long shot I'll break your legs". It was a joke then, but I feel I really need that button right now.
  8. I have the Australian league loaded, have chosen Australian nationality (and thus have full scouting knowledge) and have just gone through every menber of the U21, U20 and U19 squads. Not a single next ANYONE! Having said that, as I said in the "Shocks" thread, Australia failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in my game, so it doesn't look like we've got anything at all!!!
  9. I have to say I really enjoyed the 2012 version of this thread The next Andoni Zubizaretta The most obscure "Next" I have EVER seen - the next Michael Bostwick. I had to check - Bostwick is a journeyman who has never played above the Championship, spending six seasons at Peterborough in my game. I have no idea what the connection with my regen is, as Bates has only been in the game for nine months and never crossed paths with the aforementioned journeyman. Anyway:
  10. That's what annoys me more, (which takes the thread off topic), but I could handle inflated wage demands if there was some give-and-take involved.
  11. Australia failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in my game - not so shocking in and of itself, but the fact that they came bottom of their Third Round Qualifying group, behind such powerhouses as Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait and with only one win in six matches... I thought that was a shock
  12. That's what I find myself doing - I just sold Davide Santon for 40 million pounds because he wouldn't sign a contract doubling his wages to 90k per week - he wanted 120k per week, so I just flogged him and bought an Argentinian regen I'd been keeping an eye on. The kid is 40k per week and while his performances are a little shot of Santon's standard I am sure he will pick up as he adapts and learns the language...
  13. Yup, neither could I, makes me want to call "Shenanigans" on those saying it works this year!
  14. Imagine if it came up in your news feed about all the good players on your shortlist playing well, too. Oh, wait... (I know you can change that, but having to change my notifications because of one lame, overused cliche devalues my experience slightly more than reading the bloody annoying line!)
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