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  1. I think assistant managing would be better, almost like an apprenticeship to a top job.
  2. Grimoz

    Barcelona & Messi

    Ive never seen celebrations like in the first video, my guys usually just run around waving there hands like morons, would love to see more stomach slides.
  3. Ok yes this is true but there is nothing to play for, no promotion, no relegation and I dont think there are any major cups to be won unless your an international U18 manager and play in youth world cup. Also im pretty sure that as a youth manager you wouldnt have the power to sign players you would have to work with what you are given.
  4. Grimoz

    How To Get My Game Back

    You could always go swimming in the lake and retrieve the disk, you never know, it might still work once it has time to dry off.
  5. Grimoz

    To Buy or not to buy

    I was very much in the same boat, as much as I love FM and have played for many many years I was skeptical about how much they could improve the game from 2010, so I waited, waited and waited some more until one day i saw it for a good price and thought I would pick it up, if I had known how much I would enjoy it I would have gotten it day 1, in my opinion its a good upgrade from 2010 with new features and it just seems smoother to me not too mention that the database is more up to date. Definitely get it, 2010 is on my shelve collecting dust. You could wait until FM2012 but nobody knows when that will be coming out.
  6. Grimoz

    What do you do between games?

    Im usually headbanging or table drumming to the music I have playing in the background!!!!!
  7. Definitely TV View is the best.
  8. Audio Commentary when viewing full matches would be sweet but i dont think that will happen as it would be hard to implement. Also actual voices from the press asking questions instead of having to read them.
  9. I still have a game in FM2008 with Rochdale that im in my 32nd season.
  10. I think the problem you would find with Youth team management is that there just isnt enough to do, not enough competition and games.
  11. I guess thats really the question im asking, has anyone had a shock appointment in the game where they have got a job that they really had no right to get?
  12. Just wondering if anyone has managed to land a job at a top club even though you have a pretty average manager reputation. I started out as a Sunday league player and it hasnt increased yet in my current game but ultimately i want to work my way up to manage Man Utd at some stage, would I need to be world class before they even consider me?
  13. Its Blasphemy not to play or at least try it!!!!!
  14. Wouldnt bother me that much really, I have a whole collection of FM games to keep me company for the next 50-60 years.
  15. You dont getz paid!!!!!!