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  1. 4 days playing the game. I don't like it already. The layout, the new wage structure, Injury's, Bugs, Tactics layout, crash dumps and steam. I have said before on here that FM 11 was the worst i played but it isn't FM 12 is. I'am consdering going back to one of the old FM's for a little while until the last patch comes out.
  2. Buying: Player Name: Lee Novak Your Team: Hibernian Seller: Huddersfield Offer: £70k Transfer/Wage Budget: £600k Season: Jan 2012
  3. FM12: Looking For Thread

    He signed for Rangers in my save.
  4. Too Many Injuries

    My training schedules is medium.
  5. I always rest my players after a match. But I'am getting an player injured every match. This is a joke. Once again SI haven't sorted this out. :mad:
  6. Injuries

    Injuries are a joke.
  7. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Hibernian Budget: £600k Looking for: Striker Other: To Replace Griffiths and Under 24 Season: Januray 2012
  8. FM2012 is too easy

    In my first game of the season I beat Celtic 5-1 at home. This surely is a bug lol
  9. Bloody goalkeepers!

    You could sign Makalamby if you can
  10. 1 day playing the new game. I get a crash dump. :mad:
  11. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Hibernian Budget: £600k Looking for: Center-Back With: Good Enough for SPL Season: First
  12. I have an youngster who has 90 as his current abillity but has -7 for potential abillity. What does the potential abillity mean? Some youngsters have -9 etc. Does -7, -8, -9, - 10 means they can become world class or rubbish?
  13. FM12: Free Agents Thread

    Signed him for Hibs in my game. Bargain
  14. One of my players who has 90 for his current ability and -7 for Potential Ability. What does the -7 mean. Does it mean has got the potential to be world-class?