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  1. i spend more time on FM then i do at work, 8 hours at work on week days, home at 18.00, FM goes straight on and is played until 23.00, weekends, wake up at 10 and play straight through til..... well when ever i go to sleep.
  2. If you name is any sort of a clue, then i completely understand:thup:
  3. when your wasted on a friday night/ saturday morning and your chatting with a fellow FM addict and real life and FM merge into one super football convo, and neither of you know what the other is talking about.
  4. Which Player did you 'Discover'?

    got bored reading, so sorry if there are any repeats, Alan Dzagoev, 17, CSKA Moscow, have him taking your free kicks, if you get two in good areas he will score at least one of them, also some brazillian left winger/ striker called Mauricio, starts the game on a free transfer, but has got me loads of assists, only 17 or 18 too.
  5. Why does every match

    when your 3-0 down to man city in the 2nd leg of the quarter finals of the Uefa cup, score in the 89th min, and see that 9 mins of injury time will be played you cheer and run to kiss the 4th official, i still lost 3-2 but without the 9 min injury time it would have looked like a lot worse result oh yeah i'm porto atm.
  6. The Man City Board Are Going Mad!!!!

    20mil for Lucho Gonzales from Porto, but i wanted rid of him anyway as he moans after about a week of the season that he wants to move to a bigger club.
  7. what country? i'm currently porto boss, and signed some young soon-to-be stars aged from 16-18, as soon as they signed they were home grown, they are french, american, brazillian, argie, umm cant remember if i got the south korean i was after.
  8. fm and driving game together?

    so a sort of football theft auto, but without the theft, doesn't sound too good to me, got more important things to be thinking about (tactics, starting line up) then whether or not i take this exit on the motorway to get to the ground on time.
  9. check the percentage of transfer fees stat, sorry cant remember what page its on, but it'll tell you what percentage of transfer fees you will get to spend, i normally have between 70 and 90%, but i guess if the team was in financial trouble then it might be 0%
  10. The toilet seat press conference

    i have commentated on matches, but i have done that whilst watching actual football matches, its much more enjoyable, not to mention sliding down the touchline (my landing) after seeing the 17 year old sub score a 35 yarder.
  11. Do you like the 3D Match Engine?

    when it works its great
  12. Funniest player name

    i played against a russian premier league team who had a player called A. Fidler. also on 08 there was a german member of staff (think it was for dortmund) called Khunt
  13. How's your season going?

    in my second season as CSKA Moscow, not going as well as my first, am currently 2nd behind Spartak (lost 2-nil to them, home and away), lost in the quarter finals of both the UEFA and Russian cup, on an upside i have unearthed a russian gem, 18 yrs old, AMC, playing in a flat midfield 4 and has scored about 11 goals in 14 matches.
  14. not yet, but i can dream. does about 12 years playing management games count towards my coaching badges?
  15. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    ok, i'm gettin more and more fed up with my soon-to-be former favourite game/series. I have been a Loyal SI buyer/fan since Championship manager 2 when 3d pitches were left for Fifa and text commentry was the best you were gonna get in a management game. with the introduction of the 2d pitch the game improved 100 fold, and i thought with the introduction of 3d pitches that again the game would improve. whilst the game itself is great, it crashes my laptop every second match. i can not upload my system spec as i dont have the internet on my laptop. I have tried running in Windows XP SP2, and running in 480x 680 (or whatever the numbers are), i have turned off stadiums and sky (cant find an option to turn off shadows) i have reduced the 3d quality to medium, checked my graphics card is running at the optimum setting, i play in a windowed view, for a while saving the game before matches (when the day's fixtures appears) stopped the game from crashing but now even this is failing, my laptop is approx 6 months old, and i have deleted all uneeded files and programmes from my laptop, what else can i do? the 3d matches make this game so much better then previous editions, and i would rather not play it then play it in 2d or text. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!