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  1. Basically i want to play as Blyth Spartans from the BSN on my Iphone, i know the leagues only go down to the BSP, but i just wondered if there was an editor availble that could sort it out, Thanx Anyway.
  2. Cheated out of the FA Cup Major BUG

  3. FA CUP 2nd Round Qauls Blyth (ME) V Matlock Drew 1-1 FA CUP 2nd Round quals replay Matlock 1 Blyth 1 after 90 mins Extra time Matlock get a pen and score 2-1 Matlock 3 mins later i scored after switching to overload full time of extra time 2-2, chose my pen takers, pressed space to continue/play and it went to results page and skipped pens when reading the results page it said i lost 2-1, it totally wiped out my eqaulisng goal LMAO EPIC FAIL:cool:
  4. Matthew Giloney - 9 years old?!?!

    Why does this come as such a shock to you? And no it wasnt a joke, it's just a way of raising money for the club, 100 tickets sold at £20 per ticket =£2000. Simples said the Meerkat. Jordan
  5. Matthew Giloney - 9 years old?!?!

    As a Blyth Spartans fan and now the 'new' researcher for FM11, i shall clear this up. Matthew Giloney is just a Blyth Spartans fan and won the raffle to be named as a Blyth player (unofficially) ovboiusly because he was under the age limit of playing 11-a-side, so he never signed any Player paperwork/forms, but he did get added to the website and indeed the match programme. The only reason he was added onto your game was down to the fact you downloaded a Third party database, most likely SUPER-BLADESMAN( down to level 7,10,11 - Delete as appropiate) as i have found him in my Blyth team with the reserves. Hope this has helped. Cheers Jordan
  6. Yes I want to exploit the AI but I need the details to set up my player positions. Help please.
  7. Laptop Recomendations?

    BUMP 10characters
  8. Okay, I'm looking for Laptop to purely run FM10 with Patch 10.3, a few skins and logo packs. I will also be transfering my saved game from the desktop which is in the season 2030/31. The laptop needs to powerful enough for me to carry this game on to at least 2060-2070. I have a budget of £300-400. But I'm asking you guys for help as I don't know what specs/attributes make a laptop great for long term saves. Thank you in Advance.
  9. Consortium, help me out will ya!

    do consortium ever increase the usual standard budget or is that just tycoons?
  10. Consortium, help me out will ya!

    But I thought Consortium's and tycoons were there to chuck money at you?
  11. Right, I'm playing FM10 patch 10.3. I've holiday'd all the way to the 8th of July of 2024, my 30th birthday. I takeover as my local Team Blyth Spartans still in the BSN. First season I won the league by 2 points. Second season BSP, finished 3rd got beat in play-off semi's 4-2 by Harrogate. Third Season, Consortium took over. I though right this must mean a big transfer and wage budget, how wrong I was everything remained the same, so I had no cash injection. During the 3rd season I got to the FA Cup 4th Round after a 1-0 win against EPL side Newcastle the. I got knocked out 1-0 at home to Liverpool.this made me 550k, anyways in the league I finished 5th and got beat in the playoff semis again this time 2-1 by southport. Fourth Season, got given 40k for transfers and £800 p/w more on wages but that must of came out of my FA Cup money? Anyway I finished second and won the playoff final 4-1 against Redditch! Fifth season starting life out in league two, and the transfer budget remained the same at 40k still using up my cup money, but when will my consortium step in to give me £££ to spend and push for promotion?
  12. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    You make me Jealous!
  13. Load Database

    What do you want to edit using the editor? Or do you just want to play the game using the standard 10.3 patch/database?
  14. English Fantasy League: Sign Ups

    Pm me aswell please
  15. Col? would you post your tactics that you have used to gain promotion to the PL? Cheers