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  1. Thanks for input. - 62167885 is Milos Blagojevic (21.6.1995), in Galanta Milan Blagojevic (15.11.1997) is playing who is not in the database currently - Nenad Mitrovic left Martin in 08/2019 (played one game there) in 2018/19 season, now he should be back in Serbia, I have contacted Serbian HR regarding him to update him
  2. Hi @Kinmar , thank you for spotting this - it is error, fixed now.
  3. Hi @steff13 He played in Velke Revistia in the previous season 2018/19 - lower league club that is not in database. He doesn't play there in the current season 2019/20 anymore. He didn't play for any other club in Slovakia in this season either.
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