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  1. Hello again, yet again I have another issue, I want to change the name of some teams on my national league (portugal). The names are abbreviated but I want to put the full name on them but the editor won't let me. As soon as I change the cursor to another field in the editor, the name changes back to the original one. Is that intended or is there something I can do?
  2. Thanks a lot for the help, and sorry, didn't know it couldn't be discussed. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I just bought the game today and I need to know if it is possible to run the game in two computers at the same time with the same cd key. I want to play with my brother in separate computers, and since I've read that Steam is required to play online, I wonder. What I did with previous versions of the game was that one of us logged on onto Steam and the other played the game with the DVD. What must I do now? and thanks Other thing, what files must I delete so the german national team have real players and japan etc...
  4. Tiagoo0

    SI I Applaud You

    I'm quite happy with the new features and all, just a bit annoyed with the 24th July bug, but aside this, FM continues to be the best game in it's genre, and I'm sure when the patch is released, many people will stop moaning (hopefully) and enjoy the beauty this game really is. Just wanted the patch to be released a bit sooner, because the 24th July crash is game-breaking, and really got me angry with SI, but aside that, spectacular work, and hopefully on my birthday the 18th I will at last continue my savegame and be able to enjoy this wonderful work. And as I registered the forums, I can see there is a lot of support from SI and SEGA to their costumers, so there is nothing to moan about, I really understand how can a mass of people can be very hard to please, and some days ago I was in the other end; insulting who created this game. There is no reason to do that, since we have so good support and game, impatience leads to nothing. Well done!
  5. Tiagoo0

    Why does every match

    worst i've seen is 10 minutes stoppage time... frequently I had 4-7 minutes stoppage time... way too much!
  6. Tiagoo0

    Crash dump 24th July 09

    what on heck??? I was playing serie A with juventus and it just crashed.... darn!!! when are they going to release the fix... hope it is savegame compatible... just won euro cup and italia cup...