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  1. The team and individual focus clash was something I've been wondering about for a while now. I was tempted to alternate between Attacking and Ball Control team training but now I know the danger it can create when I'm also trying to mould my players the way you've shown here. At what point do you decide that a player isn't going to get to the point you're hoping he will?
  2. Don't forget that (I assume it's the same) the arrows show a decline in attributes on a 0-100 scale but the attribute list is only 1-20. So 24 down arrows might mean that there are 24 attributes who have all lost 0.1-0.9th of an attribute stat which all goes into add 1 attribute stat somewhere else.
  3. I've honestly never used stoppers since the TC came into force (Def/Def for me too) but I think you're right. I'm sure that probably changes the playing style. Perhaps it's making a double-pivot in defence and so the defenders are choosing who goes deeper than the other depending on the opposition?
  4. You want the central defence to have some type of split unless you're playing with an offside trap otherwise once an attacker beats the first man, he's also beaten the second. I wouldn't worry about it too much since it isn't costing you goals.
  5. The space is made by the fact you've got a D-A split in midfield and a A-S in attack. Changing the CM to Support should tighten the space there. For the attack I'd change the RW to Support and then the TM to Attack.
  6. An interesting thing between the two versions is that 11 has you asking the player to learn a new PPM while in 12 you're asking one of your coaches to teach him. This means your players don't have a chance at refusing to learn/unlearn PPMs. Right click on player > Interaction > Start Preferred Move Training > Pick your coach and then pick your PPM.
  7. The concept is a good one but there's no customisation. It's the training version of giving us the TC but not be able to change player instructions outside of the role choices.
  8. That makes sense. Strangely enough the determination has been the on stat I've not been able to bring myself to compromise on when I've bought players even though I'm willing to work around any other type of weakness.
  9. So I'm okay doing things the way I am and them breaking my "rule" for one of those special players that ticks every box and that I absolutely need to complete my team? It's kinda terrible when I'm looking through players interested in me and if I take the big names with 10-13 determination that I won't touch out of the equation I'm not left with much outside of all the U-21s.
  10. I've noticed that a great many of the big names of FM will never get signed for me since I have this major thing about trying to get all my players to have Determination 15+. So am I doing myself a disservice here since I'm always missing out on some of the best attributed players because their determination just doesn't measure up?
  11. No worries. I found it out when I was using an asymmetric system and wanted to flip everything the other way.
  12. Move the players into different position slots - so CMR into an AM slot, CML into a DM slot - and then into the now vacant position - AM into CML, DM into CMR. This works because instead of swapping players into different roles, the game treats it as swapping instructions into different positions.
  13. I would say that tactically if you're using Inside Forwards out wide then you might be able to get away with a slow striker since the wide players will be looking to get the goals. If the wide players are your providers then you need someone fast enough to keep up with the counter attack when the team breaks. Personally I don't mind a slow Trequartista. The TQ flutters around and generally does their job once they get the ball so technique and mental attributes would be the most important thing. An attacking mid/inside forward or APM on the other hand will be more involved in your team's gene
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