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  1. I think this may be more an issue with my machine but looking for any advice to improve the issues I have. I am playing on a 2013 13 inch MacBook Pro My first issue is that there is so much text on the screen it becomes such a small size I can hardly read it - is there anything I can do to simplify the interface so that the content is larger? The second issue I have is that despite changing the match graphics to 2D classic (replays on 3D) and graphics to low my mac still sounds like it's about to take off every time I play a match with the fan working overtime. Any advice here would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm into season four now in this game. Got into the Premiership after two seasons (through the play-offs - dramatic 3-2 win over Middlesbrough!), and finished 14th in my first Prem season. Now in mid-December of season 4 I'm 8th in the table. I signed Bernard Mendy way back at the start of the game and he still starts for me. I managed to get Yuri Zhirkov on a free last season and he's been brilliant for me. Ochoa in goal is an absolute beast as well. I signed a young Dutch striker named Valpoort and he's just started to get pretty good this season; he usually partners my new signing for this season Sanogo who is my new record signing as he looks like he'll get pretty darn good. My mate as Q.P.R was a year behind me in getting promoted (I beat him in the play-off semi-finals) and is having an appalling season in the premiership. We're nearing January and he hasn't won a game yet despite what looks like a decent team (i.e. Granero from Real Madrid, Cleverley from Utd). I must say the added competition of a network game has held my interest so much longer than most single-player games I've played.
  3. About 10 games in now and I'm 5 points clear at the top. Aliadiere has been banging them in for me, Andrew Davies on loan from Stoke has been doing surprisingly well at the heart of defence, basically everone has made a good contribution and we've had a bit of luck here and there. My mate is languishing in 13th place with QPR so good times at the moment! Middlesbrough away up next...
  4. You don't know how glad I am that this thread has finally been started! Just started a network game with my mate (me as Watford, him as QPR). Got some decent signings in already - Luccin and Aliadiere on frees, Davies (Stoke), Lansbury and Seamus Coleman in on loan for the season. Shipped out Jenkins to Leicester for £1.4m to boost the budgets. Beat Northwood 8-0 in one friendly with Sordell scoring 6 (doublehattrickLAD!), can't wait to crack on with the season now, hopefully can find some good consistency as that is always the problem with the 'orns.
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