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  1. I call BS on the highly theoretical and unusual situation argument. If the game was indeed a simulation, it would certainly reference the history of the club, especially the most recent part, and compare with the alternatives. It's especially bad because it was Arsenal, a club that has won bugger all in (relative) ages and now has a solid future ahead of it, with plenty of prize money from Europe, a great academy with youngsters, a solid team, coaches and so on: This is the exact moment in time where you never change a central figure such as the manager, no matter the situation. All faith in what the new leadership is doing would be gone before they even started. In fact, what would have been realistic was if he got a message detailing that if he didn't win the league, he'd get the boot next year (in other words, he'd only be able to choose "Winner" in expectations). There's random things to throw you out of balance and then complete gamebreakers, where this clearly falls in the second category. Don't make excuses for the decision process that happened here, as it both breaks the simulation aspect and game immersion. It would have been less random if OP had gotten a message that said "Sorry, you have died due to being hit by a meteorite: Game Over". @telV7: I find it highly unlikely that SAF will get booted out of United if City wins the league this year. There is a massive difference with simply being dissapointed and failing the terms of your agreement with the board, and this is why "Title Challenge" and "Winner" is two different categories each year. Title Challenge simply refers to trying to win but possibly falling short of doing so (eg. 2nd or 3rd within a reasonable distance of 1st), whereas Winner is rather obvious. I never ever pick Winner if I can avoid it, even though it usually means larger budgets, for the simple reason that FM already has several ways to throw you off in ways that range from common and obvious (eg. complacency or lack of tactical variety) to completely ridiculous (eg. opponents start scoring from 40 yards out in quite a few games, even with no long shot talent and an entire team and a properly positioned keeper between him and the goal). In all of the 3 championships I've won in my latest save, all but the first were decided on the final day.
  2. Finally got my email!!!
  3. I'm in the same boat as Daemiel, there's not even a hint of an email yet.
  4. I haven't received mine either but it may be because you guys buggered up the release time. The email I got earlier today when I preordered from this site says "You have pre-ordered with us and will thus receive your download links and activation key by email from 21/10/2011 01:00 British Time." So an hour later.. It's 00:59 in Britain as of this post, I reckon, so we'll see if this sticks.
  5. My best moment in FM was in a CHL semi-final, second match, playing as AC Milan in FM10. I had to win it and my oppenent scored to 3-2 in their favor at 88 minutes. I was cursing like an angry sailor, as I had controlled the match and even had a big chance just before their goal. However, all ended well when my team scored THREE goals in extra time, securing a 5-2 win! I don't have any pics as it was on my old computer and I can't even enter anyway, as I've already ordered FM12, but I thought I'd share
  6. I'm going to manage newly promoted AGF and bring them to success in the league and Europe. League can possibly be done in a couple of years but Europe will probably take 5-6 years at least. It'll be tough but I love the club @SuperStevieG: IIRC, it's halfway implemented, so that clubs under administration are unable to enter the competitions.
  7. Bring AGF to success in the league and in Europe. The first part might not be too hard, since the Danish league isn't considered particularly good in FM, but the second part will take years. I might do an Aarhus Fremad game as well (I live next to their stadium and played for them as a kid), from Danish Second Division West to CHL-final and probably a big team to get a feel for it. Possibly a lower league English team as well, if I find the time for it.
  8. Injuries in FM12

    I haven't had any problems with injuries so far. Maybe it's because you overload the players with friendlies in the beginning? I rarely play more than 3-4 friendlies during the summer, always around a week apart, as I find it more important to get my guys up to around 100% after getting back from holidays.
  9. I can see where you're coming from but in general it's a bad idea, simply because it would be just as unrealistic with a future transfer, even if it was possible to implement. Lord knows I'd undo such a transfer immediately as a manager, just as I personally find future transfers pointless in almost all possible instances. If I'm looking for a player, either as backup or as a first-11 guy, I need him NOW and not in 6 months. Having some guy show up in 6 months is not only undermining my possible transfer strategy (I've already spent the cash on Player X unknowingly), it's also annoying to have to suffer through half a season with a team that functions at 90%. IMO, it's better to either have the player from the start or not have him at all: I can't plan a season with a guy that doesn't show up until it's halfway done, when I could instead find a guy that might not be a super star but certainly lives up to my own criteria for the season. There's always a season after this one and if I've done my job, I've got more cash to spend on transfers by that time, so I can get a better player by then. I'd fully support a "start from February" mode, but the licensing for that simply isn't possible at the moment. You could always bench the guy for 6 months, though, or edit in a broken leg
  10. You could go with Aarhus Fremad from Denmark's second division West (Danish system is Superligaen --> 1st division --> 2nd division East/West). They're poor, financially speaking, nearly got promoted last year and the new rules for promotion in the 2nd division means that only the winner takes the next step up. It's a semi-professional club, so it could be a bit of challenge. I've always loved that club, since I played for it as a kid and because I live next to it As for myself, I'll start out with AGF, which is my fave team. I'll probably give Fremad a go as well and then something in a bigger league.
  11. I tend to rotate my "next gen" players a bit, depending on how close they are to being good enough for a starting 11. The closer they get, the more time they spend on the field (unimportant matches, playing if the regular guy is injured, lots of subbing). I generally tend to pick them out early and rotate them in over a couple of years. This is primarily done when they are available for the reserves but on the first team in the initial period. That way, they've spent lots of time training with the regular team and they won't be a "new guy" to the players (although I have no idea if this even matters in-game). When we're approaching the final months before the switch (I tend to make these every new season), I start with the new guy on the pitch and subbing the older. I don't know if the game actually takes notice of this method but it would be how I'd handle it as a manager IRL. Position is irrelevant with this method and I've yet to experience problems with it. Just make sure both get a decent amount of games and then sell the older guy or let him phase out slowly until he retires.
  12. I took the liberty to make an AGF thread, since not many cares about the danish leagues and certainly not 1st division. Also, I tried searching for it and no one seemed to have made one.
  13. AGF thread up: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/234188-FM11-AGF-Masochism-Inc. They play in the Danish 1st division, as they were relegated last year.
  14. Welcome to the FM11 AGF-thread! AGF, or "Aarhus Gymnastikforening of 1880", was founded in 1880 and incorporates all kinds of sports. Football is the most well known part of the club, which turned 130 on the 26th of September 2010. The football department itself, however, was not founded until 1902, although that still makes it one of the oldest clubs around. Historically, AGF is no stranger to medals, as the club has won the Danish championship 5 times (1955, 1956, 1957, 1960 og 1986), been runners-up 8 times (1921, 1923, 1925, 1945, 1964, 1982, 1984, 1996), achieved 3rd place 11 times (1933, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1962, 1978, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1997) and won the Danish Cup 9 times (1955, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1965, 1987, 1988, 1992, 1996). AGF, despite not having won anything in the last 14 years, is still record holder for the amount of Danish Cup wins and one of the most winning clubs in Danish history. Hard times has befallen the club in recent years, with two relegations in 5 years and lots of problems in the management of the club. Due to all of this, the club has earned the nickname "Galehuset", which translates into "The nuthouse". People from Aarhus are no strangers to a sense of humor, so an unofficial fanclub has taken the name upon itself and humorously notes whenever crazy things happen in both AGF and other clubs, which they often post on their website. Unfortunately, AGF had earned its second relegation last year, despite having a very good team - including three World Cup players - and being 19 points above relegation after the first 6 months of the tournament. It took a record-breaking amount of points to be relegated (AGF got 38 points) but record or not, it does not change that AGF now plays in the Danish 1st division, instead of the Superliga. The major rivals of the club, despite what FM claims, is Brøndby IF (BIF), Vejle Boldklub (VB), Viborg FF (VFF), Aalborg Boldspilklub (AaB), Silkeborg IF (SIF) and Randers FC. There are also some minor rivals in local teams like Aarhus Fremad, Viby IF, Brabrand and Skovbakken IF. The reason these are minor rivals is because all of the clubs are semiprofessional at best and thus they do not meet eachother often, outside of pre-season matches. AGFs real nickname is "De Hvii'e" (with two i's, SI ), which is local dialect for "De Hvide" (The Whites). This is because AGF plays in white jerseys, which are accompanied by blue shorts, pictured in a simple fashion below: As manager of the club, it's your job to promote AGF and restore glory to a club that very much deserves it. After all, Aarhus is the second biggest city in Denmark and pretty much everyone in the city has some sort of relation to the club. Promoting AGF shouldn't be much of an issue, however, as most of the squad is intact (they are also cruising to the top IRL, and are as of this writing undefeated for nearly half the season, with 33 points in 13 matches). Speaking of the squad, I strongly suggest promoting all non-loaned players from AGF II to the first team, and here's what you have available to you in FM11: Goalkeepers: Steffen Rasmussen, Anders Rasmussen Defenders: Frederik Krabbe (DR, DC), Alexander Jackson Møller (DR, DC), Anders Kure (DC), Mark Howard (DC), Dan Thomassen (DC), Jens Gjesing (DC, DM, MC), Arthur Sorin (DR, WBR), Adam Eckersley (DL, WBL) and Mikkel Kirkeskov (DL, WBL, ML) Midfielders: Kasper Povlsen (DM, MC), Jerry Lucena (DM, MC), Emil Scheel (DM, MC, AMC), Daniel Jensen (DM, MC, AMC), Benny Feilhaber (MR, ML, MC), Martin Jørgensen (ML, MR, MC, AMR, AML, AMC), Stephan Petersen (MR, ML, AMR, AML), Arón Johansson (MR, ML, AMR, AMR, ST), David Devdariani (ML, MC, AML, AMC) and Casper Sloth (MC, AMC) Forwards: Peter Graulund (ST), Dennis Høegh (ML, AML, ST) and Sanel Kapidzic (ST). The biggest problem with AGF is, as usual, the useless money management of the club. In other words, you're paying too many wages and you have a transfer budget of 0. However, your team is so good that no matter who you send away (except Graulund, that man is God), odds are you'll win the division comfortably and gain promotion. Personally, I sold off Stephan Petersen and Benny Feilhaber to save most of my wages and get a little money (still had a budget of 0, though). I also tried selling Dan Thomassen as he's a very big expense in a position with lots of backup, but had no luck. No matter how many you sell, I suggest playing some manner of 4-4-2, as you have excellent material to do so. If you don't sell anyone, a 4-4-2 could look something like this: Steffen Rasmussen Frederik Krabbe/Arthur Sorin - Dan Thomassen - Mark Howard - Adam Eckersley Benny Feilhaber - Martin Jørgensen - David Devdariani - Stephan Petersen Sanel Kapidzic - Peter Graulund Honestly, there are many ways of doing it. Personally, I have two tactics I switch between, looking as such: XX - XX - XX - XX XX XX ------------ XX XX XX - XX XX - XX - XX - XX XX -- XX -- XX XX XX- XX The top one is my more defensive one and the bottom my more offensive one. The idea is that you keep an extra strong defensive line or an extra strong offensive line, both utilising your superior and wide range of midfielders. I have yet to play a full season but I strongly suggest looking into a striker and backup on the wings. Graulund is an old man at 34 (33 in start of season but he turns 34 quickly) and won't be able to play forever. He'll probably be good enough for one more season if you can afford a new contract, but you seriously need to think about your economy in this game. More tactics and who to buy/sell is always welcome, as AGF can be tough to manage. I have yet to figure out how they'll do in the top league but they probably need a bit of strengthening. Finally, I wish any potential managers good luck