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  1. Downloaded the new Beta version, I've played a couple of matches and the lag has disappeared from all areas of my game, looks to be back to normal.
  2. I've uninstalled all Nvidia applications/drivers and reinstalled the original driver that came on my system (May 2018 driver) and this has actually made the crashes worse somehow. Not sure what to do next, hopefully you are closer to finding a solution for everyone. Thanks
  3. Hi Neil, Running McAfee anti-virus so have uninstalled this, uninstalled the game and reinstalled and am having the same issue. Interestingly like some other users when forcing my laptop to use the Intel card it doesn't seem to crash, however, the game is sluggish and unplayable without using the dGPU. Has to be an Nvidia graphics card compatibility problem, from what I can see the vast majority of users submitting issues have an Nvidia card in their DxDiag? Any other ideas? Thanks
  4. Unfortunately there is no change after the rollback FrazT.
  5. I've removed the custom graphics and that doesn't seem to have helped, still getting random crashes. Could this be an issue with the latest update and Nvidia drivers? A lot of people look to have Nvidia in their DxDiag? Screenshot attached of error message that keeps appearing. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi guys, Having the same problem as other users here, crashes since the latest update. 'Football manager 2018 18.3.4f1093856 has stopped working' will appear after a minute of the game being open. Game is not processing just loaded the save game and leave it sitting there not doing anything and it crashes. Same thing happens when trying to create a new career - crashes during loading. Running custom graphics but game has been played for 350hrs before this with no issue. Game cache verified and preferences deleted. Nvidia drivers updated to latest version. DxDiag attached. Thanks DxDiag.txt
  7. I thought I'd give it a try on my Macs to see what it was like...depressing how slow they are compared to the rest! CPU: Intel Core i5 540M CPU Frequency: 2530 MHz RAM: 4GB 1067 MHz OS: OSX 10.7 Time: 11 min 17 sec CPU: Intel Core i5 760 CPU Frequency: 2800 MHz RAM: 8GB 1333 MHz OS: OSX 10.7 Time: 9 min 17 sec
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