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  1. Dark Moon

    Revolution! Database.

    none of them work mate, they all download with a file size of 0kb
  2. Doesn't anyone read the thread before posting? Fuss is doing a season test with Swansea first, be patient FFS
  3. He needs to figure out his system pretty sharpish judging from the 3 games state side. In all 3 games we were really poor and didn't really create any CCC's. The only positives I took from them games ( yes I am a Liverpool fan ) was how good Suso and Pacheco looked, but again wont feature in the senior side this year even though they are the technical players needed to play this system. OK Suso maybe a touch too young, but Pacheco really deserves a place in the senior squad with his performances in the USA tour and also today for the reserves ( which Suso scored twice may I add ). Getting shot of Aquilani was a start, but now we have to off load the likes of Adam, Downing and Cole. All 3 IMO are just not cut out to play this style of football, no matter what the media keep saying about Joe Cole.
  4. Great thread fella, looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.
  5. Dark Moon

    FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    I am wanting a try a new save. I would like to manage a team that used to be a real power, but are now struggling. I dont want to manage in the top league and would prefer a save away from England, although after reading through this page I do quite fancy doing a Crewe save lol. Thanks in advance.
  6. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    August 2013 Update Only a couple of players loaned out to Accrington this month, so nothing really to write home about so lets get straight into this months results. Pre-Season Friendlies Vs Roma (h) 2-0 Stekelenburg OG Gerrard Vs Middlesbrough (a) 3-1 Ba Damiao (2) Community Shield Vs Man Utd (n) 2-1 Campana Carroll Premier League Vs Stoke (a) 2-1 Walker Sorenssen OG Vs Spurs (h) 4-1 Damiao (3) Ba Vs West Ham (h) 2-0 Guillemin (2)
  7. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    July 2013 Update I will start this months update with the transfers. IN R.Guillemen - £1.7m from Lyon Total spend = £1.7m OUT R.Bianchi - £4.7m to Palermo A.Aquilani - £2.5m to Valencia S.Downing - £1.3m loan to Newcastle Total received = £8.5m Another good month for me in the transfer market. I have stripped off another £140K per week off the wage bill and brought in another future star. Guillemen is a 16 year old French target man. Pre-Season Friendlies Vs Southampton (a) 3-1 Damiao Saurez (2) Vs Chesterfield (a) 1-1 Carroll Vs Morecambe (a) 5-0 Henderson Dybala (3) Walker
  8. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    June 2013 Update The only thing to update this month is my transfers. IN D.Walker - £2m from Blackburn R.Bennett - £7m from Norwich P.Dybala - £3.5m from Betis Total spend = £12.5m OUT R.Sterling - £2.8m to Arsenal S.Sinclair - £7.5m to Fulham G.Johnson - £7.5m to Fulham Total received = £17.8m Walker is a 15 year old striker who will be playing as part of the 1st team this season as he is that good. Bennett is an English defender who is only 23 years old. He will be coming straight into the team as 1st choice CB. Dybala is a 19 year old Argintine striker who will fill in when players get injured or need resting. I am happy with my dealings this month as I have gained £5m. The wage bill has also been improved. The 3 players who have left the club were costing me £163k per week. The 3 players who have joined the club are costing me £39k per week.
  9. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    Season 2 Review - Liverpool League - Won FA Cup - Won League Cup - 4th Round Champions League - Semi Final Transfers There were a couple of signings that really didn't work out this season, so this is something that I need to work on in future seasons. The main two were Mariga, who I signed on a free. When he played, he would always fly into tackles which usually ended up in him getting a straight red and when he wasn't playing he was moaning about it all the time. I managed to ship him out for £4.9m in January so I still made a nice profit. The other flop was Scott Sinclair. I had high hopes for him, but he just didn't cut it on the pitch. I will be looking to ship him out in the summer, which will more than likely result in a £5m loss. Campana was another player who had a poor season. Again he was a player who I got on a free and he is only 19 so there is still time for him to improve. I sent him out on loan to Southampton ( after he rejected a move to Acrington ), but they didn't play him all that much so not sure what to do with him this coming season. Sigursson, Herrera and Ba all put in a decent season, but I think I overspent on all 3 players. The two 16 year olds I picked up from Swansea were superb in their first season at the club playing 20+ games each in the first team and improving all the time. The League Really cant complain to much about how we played in the league, especially when we didn't lose a single game. The only thing I was not happy about was the amount of goals we leaked. The Cups I will start with the Champions League and how unhappy I was with the Semi Final. The Semi Final was against Real Madrid, which I knew would be a tough couple of games. The first leg was at home and we played really good football and won the game 4-1. All we needed to do was put in a solid performance in the away leg and all would be good. We played anything but solid in this game getting beat 3-0 and going out on away goals. In the domestic cups I used my backup keeper, Branescu. He is only 19 years old and developing very well. I dont know if he will be able to replace Reina in years to come or not. If he doesn't develop enough to replace him, I know I will be able to sell him on for a big profit ( he only cost me £2m ). The FA Cup was plain sailing from start to finish, beating Arsenal 2-0 in the final with ease. The League Cup however was a strange one. We played Wolves, who pretty much parked the bus and we just couldn't break them down. Ended up 1-1 after extra time and going out on pens. Player of the Season A lot of people played great for me this season, but Andy Carroll just edged it for me. 38 goals in 40 games is a very good return and when he played we always looked like getting a goal.
  10. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    It's called "the embers skin"
  11. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    August 2012 Update Well that's pre-season out of the way and I have finished with my transfers ( unless someone offers me silly money for any of my current squad ). I thought I only needed a couple of players to strengthen my team from last season, but what happened once I got into the transfer market was me signing a lot more players than expected. I offered players like Cole, Adam, Downing, Aqualiani, Bellamy etc to other clubs to see if there were any takers as they did play well for me last season ( excluding Adam who was out on loan all year ), but their wages are really high so didn't mind selling them. All of these guys got sold and so I had to buy a fair few players to fill their boots. Here is how it went down I am going to keep on using my strange asymmetric 3-5-2 formation this season and hope to avoid 2nd season syndrome with it. I have a Home and Away version ( Away version is just the Home one mirrored ). Current Squad GK - Reina, Branescu LB - Enrique, Robinson CB - Skrtel, Wilson, Carragher, Griffiths RB - Johnson, Kelly, Flanagan DM - Lucas, Mariga, Jones CM - Herrera, Campana, Taylor, Liversedge RM - Afellay, Henderson AM - Gerrard, Sigurosson LM - Suarez, Sinclair, Sterling ST - Damiao, Ba, Simkin ST - Carroll, Bianchi Players in Red are my under 18's who I have high hopes for and will be giving them some game time though out the course of the season.
  12. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    Season 1 Review - Liverpool League - 4th FA Cup - 3rd round League Cup - Semi Final Europa League - Final Transfers I was quite happy with this first season with Liverpool. With 3 games left, we still had a chance to win the league. Champions League football was my main aim for this season and that is what I have to look forward to next season. It was disappointing not to win a cup this season. Spurs beat me in both the League Cup Semi Final and the Europa League Final, as they went on to win the league to complete a treble. I will try and ship out more of the dead wood this summer and look forward to the two 15 year olds and two 16 year olds who are joining in July who I have high hopes for in a few year. I really need to find a good replacement for Gerrard. When he wasn't injured, he was amazing, but he spent far too much time in the treatment room for my liking.
  13. Dark Moon

    FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    I like to think this is really good for Carroll
  14. Dark Moon

    New database

    When you start a new game make sure you click on the "change" box, otherwise it will just load the current default database.
  15. My favourite defender in the game. When I was trying to do a Wenger with Liverpool ( balance the books and work with the youth ) I ended up selling Agger to Man City for £20m and brought Bocchetti in and he was a beast.