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  1. I keep forgetting about this one but much in the same way you list your favoured club in FM2007 (and I'd like to be able to list more than one, maybe top five?), I'd like the following: 1 - Able to nominate your own favoured personnel. In real life, that's clearly possible and it should be possible in FM, you might only be able to review it at the start of every season but ideally, it could be something you could constantly alter... To reflect fall outs with other coachs, players and coaching staff. It could help for future approaches for old coaches you worked with previously at a different club. 2 - Hotlist for jobs. When unemployed and even employed there is a chance that the game will speed by without you say noticing a major vacancy you might be interested in. Certainly this still can happen in FM2007, despite my bookmarking the jobs vacant section as my homepage. I'd like the facility that the game would alert me to say the Man U job becoming available when I'm managing in Argentina. The ability to hotlist 5 or so jobs that the game would automatically stop and tell you about would be great. Oh and I haven't checked out FM2008 yet but... If this isn't it (and I mentioned it before) I'd love for my physio to give me an initial assessment on injuries picked up on the pitch, indeed depending on the quality of the physio and a certain amount of human error, this could be an incorrect assessment. However, I don't find looking at the % reduction in fitness is accurate enough, I've had guys come off under 50% and been perfect whilst others are out for significant periods with only a 5% reduction or such like... Thanks for your time...
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