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    Born in England. Français par le sang versé.

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    Saint-Emilion & London


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    Motorcycles & touring. Art and art history. Short stories. Strategy games. Cuisine. Linguistics.

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    FC Girondins de Bordeaux

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  1. Les Girondins

    Randall's Tactic 10.3

    All you guys expressing shock or surprise need to check out the 10.2 thread that (astonishingly) most people ignored. Randal - you've done it again mate. Shattering the official line that there 'are no one size fits all tactics' in FM10. As usual SI's fanbois blowing hot air out their trumpets.
  2. Les Girondins

    Which manager do you model yourself on?

    Man management - Brian Clough. I am the boss. Tactically - Mourinho.
  3. Les Girondins

    Bring back some fun please! Suggestions?

    When I get emails suggesting people are exited about the latest 80+ page guide to managing your squad from you know who, I really have to say it bores the arse off me. FM for me is just no longer meeting my needs - its not fun. Its nerdy. Rather than whinging about it forever I've decided just to not buy the next one. Over n out!
  4. To be perfectly honest (and fair to SI) has defending died a death in the modern game?!
  5. Les Girondins

    Matt's TTF Set

    Awww you've abandoned the 442 that made me famous. *sniff
  6. Les Girondins

    Matt's TTF Set

    oooh a new tactic from the buckster. cant wait ..
  7. What are the pace and off the ball settings of your strikers ..
  8. I just threw my (green disk) copy of 97/98 in the bin last week. You could have had all the photos .. Oh well.
  9. Les Girondins

    Leagues and PC Performance

    I dunno what you lot are doing but I can run all of europe, china and malayasia and south africa and australia top divisions with England, Spain, France, Germany and Italian 2nd divisions too. On a large database. On 2 gb of ram. 74000 players. Runs fine. 8gb of ram and a quad would run everything comfortably.
  10. Same old story then really ..
  11. But as I understand it 'small adjustments' are not going to be overidden by shouts? So you still need to access the tactical manager during a match anyway .. Also, do shouts stack? And if they do, how well do they? It looks to me like they let you use contradictory shouts concurently instead of making them mutually exclusive in the drop down menu etc.
  12. La lala lala lalala lalala alalala lala I'm not listening. Ronaldo for the WC 2010!
  13. Reading this thread I had a bit of an epiphany re: touchline shouts As a style of play are you advocates suggesting you load a default formation, make no changes or tweaks to it and simply 'play by wire' using the touchline shouts? Because that has its appeal I reckon .. but does it really work? Obviously if you change _anything_ the shouts dont work, in fact they are more likely to work against you .. So can you really be successful and enjoy the game playing defaults + shouts? Is it a viable method? I'm sceptical tbh.
  14. Les Girondins

    Samsung Netbook NC10

    As Chief said or you can do it through Steam itself .. 1. Load Steam 2. Find Football Manager 2010 entry in My Games 3. Right Click > Properties 4. Click the Set Launch Options button and enter (sans brackets) '--small_screen --windowed' click OK 5. Assuming you have donwloaded and extracted the netbook skin, fire up FM, pick it in Display preferences, reload FM, set taskbar to autohide, maximise game window, done. Please drop Michael a line btw and thank him for his time/effort, SI couldn't be arsed supporting us and without his skins we'd not be playing the game on these devices after all. I sincerely hope SI add a 1024x600 option in FM11 as these devices don't appear to be going away and they are an easy to accomodate additional market all said ..