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  1. Hey! I’ve paid for and installed the in game editor from Steam but can’t seem to access it or even find it? There’s no icon on my desktop or anything? I’ve logged out and back into Steam again but I still can find it, all I can see is the screenshot attached?
  2. I’ve never ordered FM directly from steam, so need a bit of advice? I downloaded it last weekend and just want to know as of the official launch date 02.11.18 does it allow me full access to the game? At the moment it’s onviosuly just the beta version? Doesn’t it require additional downloading of anything? Thanks!
  3. It works perfectly fine in windowed mode yay! But like I said is there a fix for it to be played without having to use this mode?
  4. Not being thick but how do I change it to windowed mode? Assuming it goes back to normal that way, surely there must be a fix for it to work in non windowed mode no?
  5. Since the recent update FM18 hasn’t been working properly and will just keep freezing. I have found that the only way to unfreeze it is to press ctrl alt delete and then when I go back to the game screen everything is fine again?? It’s reallt random and usually occurs when I go to start a match and it says “players warming up” but has happened at other points of the game to? Any ideas why?
  6. The only anti virus software I have is panda protection which is a free one. Couldn’t restore the previous version as suggested so just downloading a recovery software that’ll hopefully help!
  7. I played FM18 yesterday and saved my game correctly etc. Then today went to play and upon clicking on the FM18 icon on my desktop it then asked me to reinstall the game? This took about 60 seconds, so I loaded the game and immediately had to recreate a profile for myself. Finally the game loaded and all my old saved games are there and correct except for the one I played yesterday? Version 2 and version 3 are there however these were saved days ago and my game has progressed a lot since that time. I’m really annoyed and angry because now I have to replay the last 4 months (in game time) of my season to get me back to where I was? Is there anything that can be done to allow me to play my most recent version? Every time I click on it it just says “this game cannot be loaded” Thanks!
  8. Thorgan Hazard is excellent! Got him for just over £11m and can play equally well as an AMC in the role of advanced playmaker, or as an AML in the role of inside forward. Just got to the January transfer window and he’s scored 7 times and got 12 assists!!
  9. I’m having a great time with my West Ham save game! Currently 3rd in the league, 9pts ahead of 4th place Chelsea, and only 3 pts behind Man City & Man Utd!! Made some good signings in the summer window - Dolberg £13m, Sarr £9m, Younes £4m, and Thorgan Hazard £11m (who is an assist beast) and have picked up some bargains in January! So far Alacacer £8.25m and Lucas Vaquez from Real Madrid for £7.25 both transfer listed, along with Correa on loan! Ive managed to move on some of the high earners like Carroll (he hated me from day one) and Arnautovic who was awful and then started complaining I wasn’t playing him!!
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