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  1. Just some small talk and Miles answers some questions that users of FM View asked
  2. Yeah he does, but i'm half way through it, quiet interesting in parts
  3. Cheers guys for the feedback its much appreciated and do mean that, I'll have a look at a name change and maybe present it better and see how it goes, but I will certainly understand if it doesn't take off especially with all the challenges currently out there especially the gundo and dafuge challenges which I know the best.
  4. Hello all I've used come across this thread now, I am currently trying to get a challenge set up and ready for FM10. Its called the Red Star Challenge, I've posted a thread about it already in the forum here at the link below http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=143858 Please let me know if I'm wasting my time trying to get this one started and or if there are any suggestions from the challenge creators out there, in fact any feedback from dafuge would mean a great lot as I've been trying and following his challenge for the past two years and for such a simple idea its possible the must fun I've ever had on FM. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback. P.S I do realise since i'm not very prominent on FM forums its going to be hard getting noticed and will find it difficult getting the challenge off the ground
  5. Very valid point totally agree with you, didn't see it from that side, not all people exercise common sense when using a computer like my younger bro lol
  6. well msconfig is fairly easy to use, i haven't read the article but deselected IE, iTunes, MSN messager etc to not start up with windows is good for the speed of your computer anyways. As long as you only deselect programs you know and nothing with system beside its all well and good. but i understand where your coming from but alot of the msconfig is fairly easy if you take care and act on the side of caustion in areas you don't know much about, just like with anything to do with pcs or laptops
  7. woo my first page has just been created woo woo
  8. thanks man very easy don't know how i didn't figure it out myself
  9. can someone tell me how to create a page on the wiki, i'm a member already and can't remember
  10. Sorry if this has already been said, but is it possible to code the league of ireland clubs to accept friendlies during there season like they do in real life. For example shamrock rovers playing real madrid, finn harps playing ipswich, leeds playing shels etc etc
  11. How a removal of staff limits and the introduced of a salary budget for safe which can be altered like players wage budget heres a link to my thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=131935
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