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  1. All I can say is "I have enjoyed my RED BULL LEIPZIG save i'm doing at the moment"
  2. This happened on my save after I changed to a different skin. Did this a few more times so changed back to skin I was using before and seems ok. I hope lol
  3. I started getting a runtime error last night when I changed my skin. It did this a few times so switched back to the skin I was using before and it stopped doing it
  4. I am using a pretty much box standard Liverpool team. I am struggling with a good tactic on the 14.1.4 update. I have tried loads of other tactics with other teams that seem to work but soon as I try them with Liverpool they don't work.
  5. Ok thanks, lucky transfer window is coming up soon
  6. Has the thread says. I want to recall a player but can't see how to recall him. It does say he can be recalled back from loan.
  7. I started unemployed and got a job offer from QPR a couple of months into the season. I got them promoted to EPL and I declared interest in the Spurs job so had to resign. I didn't get job but Sevilla job come up, so got interview at Sevilla. I got job and got to say they have got a good team if you want a challange. they are a mixture of young and oldish players.
  8. Got my boxed game delivered today. I paid £24.99 from Grainger Games, not sure if in store is same price
  9. Got my game this morning delivered from Grainger Games
  10. Only place in the high street left you can buy games I guess as well. Got my pre ordered from Grainger Games for £24.99
  11. I have got a new stadium on my Liverpool save, end of 1st season got expansion upto 55k then end of 2nd season got 101k new stadium
  12. Well just won league on last day of season and won Capital one. I also got new stadium before this season was started
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