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  1. I apologize. Had a few to many. England fully deserved their win tonight.
  2. Why dont yo go and feck yourself. Ignorant bastard.
  3. a raumdeuter is a made up role with no similarity to real world football.
  4. lost the friggin serie A title because of that in the last match of the season. ok, im playing a high def line but it looked like he was out jogging with his dog. grrrrrrr voff
  5. Doing so well at the moment. Top of the league, playing really well. I want to play right now but, should I wait until i'm sober? I might ruin the save playing drunk...
  6. Sweden-Holland game 2004 still pisses me off. We hit the bar and post in extra-time. Lost on penalties. grrrr
  7. My board always set a trainingcamp to start june 29 even if i choose to start preseason training july 7. I hate it and my players always complain. I can not change it, can only choose in what country. tried to holiday through the day to confirm but no luck.
  8. Great thread! Saw this in the Ajax thread. Tried it with Malmö FF (just to see what it looked like) and I reallty liked what i saw. Some amazing attacking football and that with a team far from fluid with the system. Love threads like this.
  9. True. I got one, he has 5 assists in 11 games. I actually miss the reply " Because the match engine works like that" when a reporter asks why my goals comes from crosses.
  10. Hmm, made a bid for Eggestein and Bremen wanted 35,5 million. 2 weeks in to the game. Maybe thats why...
  11. Looks better at youtube than in game. In game they just stand still and watch. Like idiots.
  12. I was outplaying them and after a friggin crap goal like that everything went downhill. Idiot that scored had 10 in heading and 10 in jumping. I got goooood defenders and Begovic. For som reason they didnt give a damn.
  13. I've stopped playing swedish lower league. Used to play my local team (IFK Luleå) but getting more and more in red and not able to even sign lower league players just made me quit. Got nothing to do with real life! If it was, they would have gone bankrupt. Also, the way training is set up...aaarrggghhh... Luleå irl trains almost every day. In FM sometimes the train once a week.
  14. we finished 5th this season so it is euro league..played champions last year. ok, so it is a small step down...but he wants to leave for friggn Stoke!!! Stoke! Stoke!!!
  15. We do! He does not need to leave! We are playing continental football you stupid...
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