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  1. You’ll need to arrange the odd u-20 or u-18 friendly in order to keep them fit.
  2. Hi Ben, To add more mystery, I have another example where the scout estimate is £41-58k for Marcos Antonio but his expectation is a wage that we may not be able to afford (£54-77k). What makes this so intriguing is that, if I attempt to do the negotiations, the starting negotiation is £70k basic, £90k after 5 intl apps and a min fee release clause of £55m. I'm unable to negotiate this down to anything sensible but, surprisingly my DoF (with 6 negotiating) is able to successfully negotiate a deal with a £36k basic, £70k after 5 intl apps and a min fee release clause of £56m. I've uploaded a save at the negotiating screen (Chievo GDM9-2.fm). A similar thing happened with Morato (see my previous post) if you want to try it there too. There is definitely something weird going on and I'd love to know what it is!! Thanks
  3. Hi Ben, I’ve uploaded “Chievo GDM9.fm”. The save is from slightly earlier, before I’d unsettled him. However, it still shows the scout estimate as £32,500-£44,000 for Morato (in my shortlist). If you agree a deal (£14.5m will do it) his expectation is a very lucrative wage (£52-70k). Let me know what you think? Thanks
  4. Is there any update on this? I'm experiencing a similar issue with Chievo, trying to sign a player from Brazil. I have one free non-EU slot available but he is demanding £50-70k despite my scouts (who've been scouting him continuously for several months) stating that his expected wage demands are £20-30k. I have now managed to unsettle him (he is unhappy and has requested a transfer) but his demands are still the same as when he was less interested and settled.
  5. By floating the club on the stock exchange the owner is selling all or part of his ownership interest (shares). Therefore, all the funds raised go directly to him not the club. However, the parties that now own the shares may well put further funds into the club at a later date via the issue of additional shares.
  6. Have you tried to terminate/mutually terminate his contract as I think it is related to this?
  7. I am managing Liverpool and had a new stadium named after me. From recollection I think that it was completed around the summer of 2019 but had been announced a year or two earlier. I think I had 6 league titles and 4 Champions leagues at that point (plus a number of other trophies alongside).
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