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  1. grrr... got one more.... regarding your staff... #13) I think the entire staff system needs to be re-worked. Obviously theres good staff and bad staff.... but this shouldnt be based on just one or two traits. Scouts for example should have attributes for finding players (making them show up on the search screen at all), determing skill and potential (as it has now), determining tactics (of opposition teams), and lots of other traits.... Physios on the other hand should have skills in treating injuries on the field, off the field, determing how long a player is going to be out for, seeing a potential injury before it happens, etc. -- stuff like that should be just the tip of the iceburg! Oh yeah...#14) No more picture less players! Thats just annoying - if theres no picture, generate one! Also give the player a choice of pictures of there manager!
  2. oops forgot the two new ones... ----- 11.) I'd like to see the game allow for changes in the "system" -- this is a HUGE part of football today, and is not reflected in any manager game. What I mean by this is for the heads of the various leagues to get together once a year and decide if the current structure is how they want it. I believe in England this is partially determined by the boards of the various teams, but I could be wrong there. In any case this would allow for new/changed leagues in a long game. 12.) Related to #11, I'd like to see the game be able to be started in earlier timeframes. I've read a few threads on this, and the answer always seems to be "no because our licincing of the clubs only covers this year" -- my response to that is than CHANGE THE LICENCING AGREEMENTS - At the very LEAST allow for games to be played using fictional characters in the earlier years -- all this while following the league rules of that time - and the "new" league rules might not necessarily end up being the same as they are now.... this would make for an amazing dynamic feature!
  3. Well I posted this in its own thread last night, but was told that I should put it here... I'm gonna copy/paste it here, and add two more suggestions I wanted to add this morning. ------- Has ANY information besides the inclusion of new african leagues (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_Manager_2009) been given about 2009 yet? With 2008 so unplayable (even if patched, many of the issues are considered WAD) i'd like to know if the series is actually gonna be going anywhere. Don't get me wrong - its still lightyears ahead of championship manager.... but that doesn't mean they shouldnt be improving the game- 2008 is more of a downgrade from 2007, especially when you consider how much slower it is- It shouldnt take middle of the road (3 gigs of ram) computer 4 Real Life days to play till 2011 from 2008. In any case the point of this thread is less to complain, but to find out whats being planned for next years version. Here are some things I'd personally like to see. 1.) More lower leagues - include the Norweigen 3rd division, Unibond/British Gas/Ryman, etc. -- Nothing is more fun than to take a team from the bottom all the way to the top. I'm not saying go all the way down to Bristol Downs, but a few levels deeper in more leagues would definatly help. 2.) The ability to add and remove leagues from the game dynamicly (perhaps at a set point durring the year) - this is actually VITAL to keeping the series interesting. You don't always know what league your going to want to play in 10 game years down the line- as it stands in 2008, if you want to manage a team in China, and China wasn't selected when you started the game, than you have to start over and lose all your stats, and all the work you've done (which when you consider how long even a single season takes in 2008 would be a huge loss) 3.) no more "virtual" players -- all players need to be kept track of, and be recruitable. They don't have to be updated constantly like those in the main leagues at the time, but maybe once or twice a year update them. 4.) Stats should be on a bigger scale. What I mean by this is the maximum number for any attribute should be higher than 20 - maybe 100 or more. The difference between a top tier player and some 15 year old kid who can barely play is a lot more than 20 times the difference, and as it is now when your around the middle of the table theres no where really to go but to the really good or really bad players which have a huge difference between them- VERY unrealistic. 5.) A faster pace- more information should be done in the backround. Nothings more frustrating than spending an hour working on tactics only to have to wait 10 mins for a turn to finish immidatly afterwards. The game doesn't have to take every variable into account either, execpt for the league your currently playing in - It can randomize some information, and do lots of other tricks 6.) It needs to feel more like a game and less like an interactive spreadsheet. Give the game some music, use more graphics to represent stuff. 7.) An actual tutorial would be nice that explains stuff to people who don't know the sport as well as the average joe. Explain stuff like what a Playmaker and a Target Man is. Explain how to get the most out of your team, and how to adjust your tactics to the level you want. 8.) Make the game easier to get into by giving the player more "broad" ways of doing things. Stuff like "auto-complete" buttons for setting corner takers, etc. would be real nice. Its a real pain to have to adjust this stuff every time I get a new player. 9.) Give the AI more intelligence when it comes to players and teams. For example a newly promoted team should have a better chance of recruiting players than a team in the league they just left, but less of a chance than teams that have been there awhile. 10.) Give more variety of player names. At one point I had a team made up entirely of people with the last name Larson. I can think of a lot more things i'd like to see, but what does everyone think about these suggestions, and what other suggestions do you guys have?
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