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  1. Cannot understand what has happened to Marad. He is going backwards! Utrecht?!?
  2. Progressed: Lung Regressed: Zia
  3. +1 versatility & +1 consistency please. Marad needs to pick up his game. Maybe he just needs to adapt to french league
  4. Wasn't aware of that either. Maybe your hogging all my potential assists
  5. Can't help but feel like moving to OM was a step down. Less chance of winning things and not playing as well
  6. +2 Consistency & +1 Imp Matches from End of year. How do I always miss the end of year!
  7. Last game in the group could be a decider assuming we can beat Ireland
  8. Boom we qualified. Good result against the Dutch as well
  9. Doh, forgot to say what to add with my end of year awards. Can I have + 100 World rep and +1 to Imp matches & +1 to consistency. Sorry for being slow Disappointed not to win the quarter but worthy winner for Gohi with the no. of clean sheets he had,(although it is Celtic )
  10. Thanks all sorted. Fan favourite at Bremen, hopefully can impress the same for Dortmund
  11. 90% tackling. Marad is a tank. My achievements pic isn't showing though
  12. Good move for Marad. Any of the big names still at Dortmund?
  13. Brilliant. Hopefully he wins back to back quarters so I can begin moulding him. Needs a bit of rounding in some areas I think.
  14. Just read through whole thread, really good. Is it possible to steal one of the un-owned? Diego Marad takes my fancy, if not nevermind.
  15. First season in the prem is easy as you are considered underdogs the whole time and therefore opposition players are complacent. Finished 2nd with Leeds in first season while my friend who was also promoted finished 8th with Forest